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Linux Essentials For Hackers – #2 – Useful keyboard Shortcuts

1 min read

Welcome to the Linux Essentials For Hackers series, where we will be covering the 20% you need to know to be efficient with Linux. In this video, we will be covering the most useful keyboard shortcuts in Linux.

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I hope you enjoy/enjoyed the video.
If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to post them in the comments section or on my social networks.

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22 thoughts on “Linux Essentials For Hackers – #2 – Useful keyboard Shortcuts

  1. There is an OBS plugin call "input overlay" which displays which keys your keyboard is detecting at the time of pressing and display on the screen.
    This will mitigate the need of animating the keys manually.

  2. I also use these shortcuts daily:

    Window management
    ctr+shift+t New tab in terminal
    ctrl+shift+n New window in terminal
    alt+1, alt+2 Choose specific tab
    ctrl+pageup, ctrl+pagedown iterate through tabs
    (ctrl+fn+arrows on laptop)
    alt+^ Switch between windows of same type

    ctrl+a Set cursor to start of line
    ctrl+e Set cursor to end of line
    ctrl+u Delete from start until cursor
    ctrl+k Delete from cursor until end
    ctrl+r Search history

    cmd+k Clear terminal (same as ctrl-L on linux)
    ctrl+cmd+f Fullscreen window (same as super+up on linux)

    Also worth mentioning if you ever accidentally press ctrl+s for example because your muzzle memory wants to save in vim or nano.

    ctrl+s Freezes terminal and records input
    ctrl+q Unfreezes terminal and sends all the inputs at once

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