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Linux For Everyone Highlights | Chat with Jason Evangelho

1 min read

These a few highlights from chatting with Jason from the Linux for Everyone Podcast. Full podcast can be found at

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24 thoughts on “Linux For Everyone Highlights | Chat with Jason Evangelho

  1. I'm fresh 2 weeks in Linux and your channel is the only channel I subscribed. I actually watch Youtube at least 2 hours a day and subscribed to a lot of channels…but yours is the only linux channel for now. Not that others are bad but yours is the most enjoyable, and that's what I spend my time on Youtube for.
    Also, the thing that got me in to Linux is actually deepin os. I would only install something that I can recommend for my friends and family. And deepin got that right. It's look beautiful and simple enough to satisfy light-laptop-usage people. In fact they got Huawei interest too. And IMO that's a bright future for mainstream Linux.

  2. Really nice way to get people into linux is to have them start playing around with some cheap hardware like the Raspberry Pi 4. You can get a nice system including an external drive, case, cables, etc for around $150. You could maybe make a video on how to install pi-hole, bitwarden, etc (stuff to help people in their lives) that runs on a single-board-computer. That's something people would feel comfortable investing time & money in imo. Once they get comfortable with all the command line stuff or KDE etc playing on that mini computer, they might feel more comfortable trying it out on their main machines. (Pro tip: Manjaro ARM works WAY better than Raspbian on the Pi 4).

  3. Great chat between the two of you – like a meeting of minds 🙂

    I'm quite comfortable with gnome on Linux Mint (Cinnamon) having been a long time Windows user. I would like to explore KDE at some stage as I used it when I played with Mandrake a long time ago, so your comment about using different desktops on same machine piqued my interest. That's going in my "to do" list. Thanks for the idea!

  4. I haven't quite switched to linux completely. I still have a couple of programs that Linux can't run (like my motorcycle ECU tuning software, Power Commander 5 & TuneECU), I also use vinyl cutting software that isn't supported by linux. Currently using Manjaro for internet stuff, and Windows 10 for games and my incompatible apps. What I don't like about linux gaming is, on AMD video cards, you cant get all the features as in Win10 (like image sharpening).

  5. Dear Titus, i made a new pc build with the ryzen 3400g, i installed linux mint 19.2, via usb, but i got a big problem, cant install driver for vega11 graphics. I have searched for answer but no result. Any ideea what to do? Can you help me please? I dont want to use win10, thx for your time.

  6. Chris, it always amazes me that many older people struggle to understand things which are so evident for us. I don't know how they succeed at keeping getting infected all the time but it is great that Linux solves that problem for them. I have believed for a long time that Linux is better for computer-newbies, especially older computer-newbies. Just because it is safer and easier to use if you don't do more than just using the internet, simple multimedia and maybe some office-software.

    With regard to you using Nautilus on KDE, Chris man, we need to have a talk. That is not done. You can use another file manager but not Nautilus, not the file-manager from the big competitor. Just joking. :p

  7. I recognize Jason Evangelho on the snapshot. Do a cooperation with him, Chris!

    Edit: you finally did. I had been encouraging you to contact him and I told how the two of you share that you switched so fast to Linux and got so enthusiastic and passionate about it. I also pointed out that he has his own good podcast back then. Glad to see that you listen to it, he really does great work and frankly, Forbes is the last newspaper which I would have expected such a guy to work for but he really is a great guy.

  8. In less than a year you've gone from a Linux zero to a Linux Hero and a legend 🙂
    It's been really cool to watch your channel grow and you becoming more proficient at with Linux
    And that's coming from a geek with 20 years of Linux experience behind me, working at the CERN doing on-site Linux support to CERN's physicists

  9. I'm glad your around. More the merrier, to try to get more people to start using Linux more often. I got maybe 36 to switch over to Linux in my 16+ years using Linux. Hope your 83,000+ subscribers are new to Linux and made the switch because of the content you been sharing. Keep up the good work. More Linux users, more creative mines to make Linux even bigger then what it is now.

  10. HEY LINUX COMMUNITY. Will you please help me with my problem? Even though I install Microsoft fonts, browser fonts look really ugly and it is very eye tiring (also Calibri font looks downright awful)´.
    The second problem I have that the video quality is much lower than on Windows. The videos are very pixelated (and aside from YouTube, I can´t even play some videos).
    Any help? Thanks.

  11. I have been playing with Ubuntu 19.10 with the Cinnamon Desktop Environment in a VM.I have had some problems with the VM locking up but not too often.
    I know you like KDE/KUbuntu and know KDE works well with Ubuntu or Pop, have you have experience with the mint desktop environment and ubuntu outside of Linux Mint?
    I like the windows look and feel a lot better than the gnome environment.
    Any tips on making sure they are compatible?

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