Sun. Dec 8th, 2019

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Linux From Scratch, OBS, PineTime, RMS, Librem 5, GIMP, Microsoft Trustable? | This Week in Linux 82

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On this episode of This Week in Linux, we have probably the most controversial episodes we have ever done for this show but before we get to all of that, we’re going to cover some exciting news like a new version of OBS Studio with release of OBS 24. Pine64 announces they are working a Smartwatch called the PineTime. A new update to the Enlightenment window environment with the release of E23. We got some new distro releases from Kali Linux, BlackArch and Linux From Scratch. Later in the show, we’ll get into the controversial topics like Richard Stallman resigning from FSF. A discussion on Twitter and the DLN Forum about whether people think Microsoft is trustworthy or not and how could they become trustworthy. Huawei is now selling Linux Laptops with Deepin Linux pre-isntalled. A new GIMP forked project was announced called Glimpse. Purism says that the Librem 5 is meeting it’s shipping date. And then we’ll emerge from the controversial section to finish out the show with some Linux Gaming News. All that and much more on Your Weekly Source for Linux GNews!

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Show Notes –
01:13 = Sponsored by Digital Ocean ( )
02:38 = OBS Studio 24.0
07:29 = PineTime: $25 Linux Smartwatch
09:44 = Enlightenment DR 0.23.0 Released
11:49 = BlackArch 2019.09.01 & Kali Linux 2019.3
14:04 = Linux From Scratch 9.0 Released
16:26 = Housekeeping
21:18 = Is Microsoft Trustworthy?
26:19 = Huawei is Now Selling Linux Laptops
28:38 = Richard Stallman Resigns from FSF ( RMS links available at )
33:31 = GIMP Has Been Forked, Meet Glimpse
38:56 = Purism is Shipping the “Librem 5”
46:25 = Valve Released 3 More Steam Labs
49:23 = Lutris 0.5.3 Released
50:52 = Python Books, Games & more
54:54 = Outro

26 thoughts on “Linux From Scratch, OBS, PineTime, RMS, Librem 5, GIMP, Microsoft Trustable? | This Week in Linux 82

  1. I don't get the whole naming excitement about gimp. Some people find the word fuck offensive. I just don't give a fuck what they think. Too many sissies now a days.

  2. PC became so autistic that soon enough we won't be able to say anything because dyslectic might find it offensive.
    Also, I came for unbiased news. Your take on RMS is pretty much substanceless leftist propaganda. Please don't let the show deteriorate into cancer.

  3. It will be very hard to find someone that I could trust for FSF head. I trust Stallman. He did a lot of good. He is not healthy (I mean not healthy in the mind and the body) and, obviously, as a human that gets not healthy, he starts having not healthy thougts. We should help him get better, not make him shut up! Healthier you are (less stressed and stiff in the body), healthier judgement you have. You actually ask him to stop thinking and talking. That's censorship! Actions matter, thoughts we can, and sometimes should forgive.That is not going to make him feel and act better. To make a human get better, you have to make him open up, not shut up! Your are ignorant about psychology. As a whole society does. You've just hurt Stallman (you've perpetuated bashing Stallman for his opinions). Just like Stallman, you've hurt a human beeing. Who knows, maybe more than one. You are not morally superior to harshly judge someone. If you want to judge , you would have to share with us a good plan to fix the problem. You haven't share that possitive plan towards Stallman (how to help him). Just blaming = hurting = you are not better than a person that just shared their oppinions. I prefer a human that is honest. Stallman was honest. FSF probably will choose someone worse for their head. Maybe whole movement will disappear. Do you prefer someone not entirely honest, politically corect, than actually honest person (with flaws)? Humans get better (in long term) when they are allowed to be honest and spontaneus. Honesty and spontaneity heals a human being. Please check it before you perpetuate blaming. If you want to know how to get healthy mind and body, start checking: dr John Bergman and Sadhguru. Sorry for my harsh tone, but I feel I did propose some positive ideas to stop that "just blaming" campaign. Cheers!

  4. 25:00 I would never trust a cpmany if i dont see how they will profit, becaus that is the only thing you can trust a company to do. If they make their objective obscure in the name of "good" i become more suspicious. If you do accept their donations great! but be sure to have a backup plan in case the backstab you

  5. Great now I can use GIMP in protest of overreaching PC culture. I have never even heard that is "pure evil" word. Words have different meanings in different context. I can't communicate with you if you can't accept that.

  6. i really like u man so i am sorry Michal about the words that i am gonna use now, u don't have to reply to this .. this my opinion :
    NO .. i did NOT trust them
    i WILL NOT trust therm
    in short > F*** micro-shi***-soft and F*** wind-blows .. and NO, i will not change my opinion
    this is my brain > my choice > my freedom > my Linux

  7. Also who the fuck cares, if Gimp is a derogatory term in a different slang, language.
    I am pretty sure most/a lot of words mean something different in other languages, let's ban language all together!
    Let's just communicate in binary! Although I am also pretty sure someone will be offended by that as well.

  8. The only thing I've heard about him is that he said something like a 17 Year 364 Day old girl can't be unattractive and then suddenly 1 day later she is. And I agree with that, a few days or weeks don't change anything but at the age 15-16 there's definitely a difference. I personally don't date women who are more than 3-4 years younger but I don't judge people who do. As long as the other party is not a true minor (not 17 years 364 Days).

  9. Satya Nadella also introduced forced updates in windows, forced telemetry, forced bloatware, forced hardware drivers, they were running MS updates torrenting service built into Windows 10 without user consent. Oh, and then there were the sneak updates to Windows 10 that were done in 7 and 8 without user consent, the massive controversies around xbox privacy. All of that shit started with Nadella. What would make me trust them? Hmmm, they can start by making all the things I listed in Win 10 optional.

  10. Personally I have to say that I found this episode a bit too opinionated. Especially considering the controversial topics.

    I am not saying that I necessarily disagree with all your opinions I'd just prefer more objective journalism as that's very much missing these days

  11. 10:50 enlightenment has had <shortcut>+mouse button for moving windows (and resize them) for ages. although it's not binded to alt+left button by default but you can if you want. that new feature is about about moving of windows in alt-tab window switcher as it says in the announcement.

  12. the reason that they dont charge phone manufactuors for ex fat anymore is quite simply:

    they made another deal, those vendors pre install microsoft apps on their devices and then they dont have to pay royalites.
    that is why you buy an phone nowadays and it comes with MS office…

  13. "there is no value in this name"
    actually, rebranding a brand is expensive.
    its easier to be famous if you keep your name for years than if you change your name all the time, there is a reason why most companies chose an name and stay with it.

  14. When looking over stallmans views I feel like alot of people go through phases as they uncover more and more
    Phase 1: Oh wow that makes alot of sense
    Phase 2: Well thats a bit out-there, but I see where he is getting at
    Phase 3: Thats a bit hyperbolic… but I can see why the leader of FSF would say that
    Phase 4: Nope Nope Nope, whole mug full of Nope…. Abort Abort.

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