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Linux Mint 19.2 Beta is here! | First Impressions & Thoughts

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It’s that time again. When the internet wants to talk about Linux Mint’s new 19.2 Beta release…who am I to refuse? I check out some of the new features with the Cinnamon desktop and touch on some of the under-the-hood stuff. Nothing crazy, so it’s a pretty chilled out video. Hope you enjoy!
Disclaimers: Video may have some encoding artifacts due to playing around with VAAPI encoding on OBS, and yes, the thumbnail looks infected. Going for minty green.
#linuxmint #beta #cinnamon

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8 thoughts on “Linux Mint 19.2 Beta is here! | First Impressions & Thoughts

  1. Question: if Linux Mint were to develop a whole new thing – what would it be? They can clearly pull off quality – what could they innovate on? Also, let me know which Mandriva derivative to check out first: Mageia 7, ROSA 2019, or PCLinuxOS. Also, apologies as the video may have some encoding artifacts due to playing around with VAAPI encoding on OBS

  2. Indeed they changed the font. If you look at the release notes right above the transmission screenshots you see "The default fonts were switched from Noto to the Ubuntu fonts" 🙂

  3. Mint is simply an awesome new (and other) user distro. I was totally flabbergasted at some recent criticisms of Mint. It aims to be user friendly and it aims to be polished and it is definitely a boon to inexperienced computer/Linux users. I'm really looking forward to 19.2 as well. While I can upgrade from 19.1, I'm also tempted to install it fresh again… will see 🙂 Haven't tried Rosa myself. I couldn't get Mageia working properly so I gave up on it after a while. I certainly like PCLOS though. It may not be quite as polished as some other distros, but for me, PCLOS just worked. Thanks again IG for your great content.

  4. Linux Mint is my number 2 and my number 1 for noobs. Ubuntu (vanilla LTS) is still and always have been my number 1 for myself and those familiar with Linux. It's more up to date and more stable it seems compared to Linux Mint since Ubuntu 10.04.

  5. I just updated my primary laptops to 19.1 a few weeks ago, but I will load 19.2 Beta on my testing PC and see how it goes. Thanks for the heads up!

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