Wed. Nov 6th, 2019

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Linux Will Not Take Over – Windows Dominance Remains Intact

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Linux Will Not Take Over – Windows Dominance Remains Intact

Click-bait? Yes. Truth? Yes. I just had to vent my thoughts and feelings on this topic. It is selfish and intellectual masturbation, but it feels so good. To all those who respect me for not doing this type of video, I do sincerely apologize. If I crap all over some YT channels, it is well deserved. There happens to be a bunch of worthless content out there. If you feel I contribute worthless content, let me know in the comments. If you bring up valid points, I will acknowledge them. If you complain about the mouth noises and loud breathing, your comments will be deleted.

Have fun. 🙂





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5 thoughts on “Linux Will Not Take Over – Windows Dominance Remains Intact

  1. I feel you man, it's becoming increasingly annoying for me to watch those Linux related videos, for the very reason you've mentioned. Then, I'm not going to say, but you would know to whom I'm refering to, calls those comments people like me leave 'negative comments', how the f*** are facts corrections for benefits not only of that person but wider audience that person have a 'negative'? Can someone please explain that to me because I am obviously too dumb to understand that. It's also very discouraging to see those numbers on videos that can be so factually incorrect that's beyond the joke for youtubers who make videos with relatively low viewcount but uncomparable factual accuracy (everyone can make mistake, no person is excluded, nor can anyone know everything). That is really scary thing to me, as always, I would draw a parallel with music, and all the 'autotune' nonsense flooding everything, it's so discouraging to the real artists, but luckilly some artist do parody and 'whipe the floor' with 'autotuners' with their parody songs related to them.
    I think many of those 'nasty/negative' people in the 'cummunity' are created from that, they became increasingly annoyed by repeating same thing over and over again, and no one, or very few people actually listen, so they become trully negative from sheer annoyance.
    Since it was a 'vent video', thought I should join you and vent in comment section as well :).

  2. I want as many people as possible to stay on Windows and I'm praying day and night for Windows to thrive. For the life of me, I cannot understand some people's obsession with converting the masses to GNU/Linux. We're already a crowd 😉 The `Linux is better than Windows because of this and that` propaganda is utterly ridiculous. It might be better for me, yes. But better for everyone, most definitely not. The truth of the matter is that most people are not like us 🙂 Or, we are not like them, which feels so, so, so cool! 🙂 Let them enjoy Windows! I so, so, so enjoy not being like them! 🙂
    I think becoming a GNU/Linux user is a matter of genes 🙂

  3. 17:09 Yeah, I think that's where these sort of streams fall flat. You get to hear like the first half of a sentence before someone else talks over the rest of it with other information. It's very difficult to glean much actual information when this happens.
    I do like the way Rocko organises the way that people report back on their experience with the chosen test distro of the week (now fortnight) by calling on a person one at a time to give their view on it, but as with all informal human social interactions it does tend to fall apart a little at time goes on.
    I think the 'talking stick' approach might benefit in this case, it's more rigid, but one person speaks and everyone else listens. That would be better for folk watching too.

  4. what i do not understand is that some Linux "gurus" portrays Linux as so technical or intellectually elevated that it is above the man in the street and that Linux needs to be dumbed down to the windows level of thinking and laziness…. I AM THAT MIDDLE OF THE ROAD GUY!…. and i say that this is Crappy reasoning…. I am not a computer geek, i have never had any computer training, i am 45 years old and up until six months ago i have been using windows exclusively. I made the exclusive switch to Linux cold turkey. i had no one holding my hand and all i had to guide me was my questions and logically thinking and lastly i am going to say it rtfm…. just read…..

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