Tue. Dec 10th, 2019

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Live Cold Call – Finding Web Design Clients

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Charlie Light discusses his cold calling process and how he finds new qualified leads in the Web design space.

25 thoughts on “Live Cold Call – Finding Web Design Clients

  1. Your enthusiasm is great. Do you feel as though you should ask them if they are the descion maker on the company website. As well as there marketing budget? Do you feel you should set an honest appointment, to close them ?

  2. Hello @UCP8WyfFAYo5IH_mP_2Vlnzg
    I hate selling and I am constantly overwhelmed between work and kids. But I am a very good web designer. my latest site is xfoffroad.com. would you be interested in booking clients for me getting the information I would need from them and splitting the money 50 50?

  3. Lol terrible sales call. I mean you gave the guy an opportunity to say no straight away " are you planning on updating your website " if he says no you don't have a lot to fall back on. Maybe it's different in America but in the uk that intro would never work

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  5. I've looked at plenty different places for cold calling for digital marketing services. You've got the best cold calls out there and best content on it so far. Thanks so much brother.

  6. Great video Charlie. Just a question : you look like leaving several blanks when you speak, I don't really know if you're interrupted by the client, or is it a technique ? From 3:32 to 3: 50 for instance.
    Thank you !

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