Sat. Dec 7th, 2019

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Live Mock Draft Against Mike Tagliere (2019 Fantasy Football)

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It’s round two for our Beat Tags in a Mock Draft contest.

Everyone in the mock draft who beats Mike Tagliere’s score wins a free upgrade, but more importantly, you’ll see how Mike goes through each pick. We’ll also have more prizes up for grabs for those watching!

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9 thoughts on “Live Mock Draft Against Mike Tagliere (2019 Fantasy Football)

  1. LOL…I'm sure you expected that grade though Tags, for how often you use your company's tool to mock draft.

    I've done 50+ mock drafts using the Draft Wizard, and I noticed that the scoring algorithm is pretty messed up. Even if your entire starting lineup is solid, it will drop your score pretty significantly if your QB isn't top 5, and if your Defense is below Top 3 in ECR. Also, seems like it's way off on calculating value picks and bench construction, which is funny, because it'll tell you several picks were reaches, when looking at the Round 1+ and Round 2+ reach list, yet some of the same players will show up in the Value Picks list. Like, how does it tell you that you reached with your very last pick, for a player like Sanu, and then tell you it's a Value pick? LOL!

    I'm sure you probably got dinged for having Goff as your QB, and hit hard for 'reaches' for the Devante Parker, Miles Sanders, Jimmy Graham, and Chase Edmonds picks.

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