Mon. Dec 9th, 2019

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Live PS3 Linux 5.2 testing!

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9 thoughts on “Live PS3 Linux 5.2 testing!

  1. rené for a guy like me who knows nothing of progamming!!!! i can progam Cell spes to run any software??? or i need a universitie in software coding to do some development of code?? spes are simd Isa 128 engine as you're told me!

  2. Legend is back! It's a shame you can't get anyone to help contribute towards PS3 Linux development, i know close to nothing in regards to linux. I will donate to you on my next payday (2 weeks) because you have spent crazy amount of hard work on these projects.

  3. The problem with modern Firefox on ppc these days is they made nodejs a build dependency and nodejs only has a JIT for POWER5+ so you can't run it on a G5 or PS3. I think it still works if you use a modern POWER system to build and copy the binary to the older systems though.

  4. @1:19:45 bro I am newbie to linux(million miles away from system programming )..what skills are a must for today's session … C programming of course(mine beginner level)..85 percent went above my head. Are these skills in demand.. I know you do it for hobby.anyways I watched the whole thing.

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