Sat. Dec 7th, 2019

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[Magic Lantern] Booting Linux Kernel 3.19 on Canon EOS DSLRs

1 min read

This is a demo video of our new Linux kernel for Magic Lantern supported camera models.

Sorry for the blurry footage, expect more information to come soon!
Booting Linux was no april fool’s, its for real 🙂

24 thoughts on “[Magic Lantern] Booting Linux Kernel 3.19 on Canon EOS DSLRs

  1. all i hope for is no 4gb/29min limit on the regualr hd video mode and audio through the hdmi (im on the 60d) and if this stuff is possible then please correct me…lol, but anyways you guys have made some awesome features for these dslr's…Iv been using ML for a few years now

  2. I suppose one would need a custom-tailored GUI to make use of this (as there's probably no way to ssh into one of those cameras). How are you going to build this? Which existing layers are you going to reuse? Will you write a custom input driver for all the hardware buttons?

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