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Make a Free Profesional Website With Joomla

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Tutorial Make a Free Professional Website with Joomla

Segment this video =
Start from : 00:00:00
Download Joomla, Theme, Plugin. timecode : 00:01:47
Create Database. timecode : 00:08:58
Install Joomla. timecode : 00:09:45
Install Theme: JSN Force. timecode : 00:12:05
Install extension. timecode : 00:13:52
Making the web page: Home, Product, Clients, News Update, Contact, Disclaimer & Privacy Policy. timecode : 00:17:04
Uploading to Host Server. timecode : 01:04:18

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9 thoughts on “Make a Free Profesional Website With Joomla

  1. 1/ Please show me how to download and install xampp.
    2/ When you downloaded jsn force and template are already hv their own file, but you did not guide this pls…
    3/ My installation is stop at stage 3 please help

  2. Hey great tutorial worked like charm but can you please tell me how to change the main background color ? As i can see it is white and i would like to use another color 🙂

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