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Learn How to Make an Amazon Affiliate Website Blog with WordPress and Elementor in this full-length video tutorial.

Find out how the site is going in this playlist:

You’ll learn everything you need, including:
– how to create the Affiliate website in WordPress,
– how to create affiliate content
– how to add Google Adsense
– how to insert Amazon affiliate links
– basic SEO
– Google Analytics
and much more!

Get everything you need including Elementor templates, links, custom CSS code and more here:

Get hosting: . (70% discount)
Get the Ultimate Add-Ons for Elementor (tables etc):
Get Elementor Pro:
Get stock photos:
Video Tutrorial Playlist with Doug Cunnington on Keyword Research:

Other useful resources:
Free stock photos:
More free stock photos:
SEO Tools:
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Textun Article Service:

Video Timings:

How much you need to spend to get your website setup: 00:02:24
Choosing your website NICHE: 00:05:42
Step 1 – Setup Website Hosting: 00:10:24
Step 2 -Repoint exiting domain name: 00:15:42
Step 3 – Install WordPress: 00:18:44
Step 4 – Install WordPress Theme: 00:21:45
Step 5 – Install WordPress Plugins (like Elementor): 00:25:00
Step 6 – Creating the homepage- 00:30:25
Step 7 – Adding content Categories, Static Pages (about us and contact us) and menus. Also includes Happy forms plugin. – 00:42:44
Step 8 – Adding Content (includes info on creating content and registering as an Amazon Affiliate/Associate)- 00:54:17
– Amazon Affiliate Signup Process: 00:54:21
– Ideas on creating content and articles : 00:57:17
– Creating your first post with WordPress and Elementor: 01:05:04
– Adding a table with Elementor and the Ultimate Elementor Add-on : 01:09:58
– Adding Heading, Paragraphs and Buttons with Elementor: 01:23:08
– Saving the post as an Elementor Global Template: 01:31:12
– Adding a post with Anchor Links: 01:33:26
Step 9 – Adding widgets to the footer, including the Amazon Affiliate Disclosure: 01:48:53
Step 10 – Adding widgets to the sidebar (including Google Adsense) – 01:52:49-
– Setting up for Google Adsense: 01:53:43
Step 11 – Adding Google Analytics: 01:57:14
Step 12- Installing Yoast SEO and submitting the site to Google – 02:01:17
– Changing the URL structure: 02:05:52
– Creating and submitting an XML sitemap: 02:06:47

Music is Awaken by Anno Domini Beats–ZY8yAFw

All links I provide maybe affiliate links. Thank you very much if you use them, I really appreciate it.

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30 thoughts on “Make an AMAZON AFFILIATE MARKETING WEBSITE Blog with ADSENSE using WORDPRESS and Elementor 2019

  1. I just found out what is using. it's using an infinite scroll plugin. Please can u advice me on how to make a site exactly similar to this? I mean the website is a simple one but I can't find any plugin that would support this infinite scroll. There is a woocommerce infinite scroll plugin but that is not what this website has been using and same I also need this option without store as the website needs to be a simple one without any store and just those products with an amazon external link loading infinite mood

    Hope you will see my comment 🙂

  2. Hi There,
    Hi, I really appreciate your helpful channel. I am starting to add some amazon affiliate products to my new website. Do I need to add the Nofollow code to every product so my Google SEO doesn't get negativly affected? What is your experience with this on your amazon product posts?
    I apologize if you have been asked this too many times before, I am pretty new to blogging.

  3. Hi Alex, according to Amazon – direct deposits will only be made to US residents – is this still true? Was just wondering how a UK resident gets paid on the US Amazon affiliate program? Seeing as you are targetting the US market on this particular site.

  4. Any reason why your video this year focuses on Elementor instead of Woocommerce and Woozone? I ask because I was three-quarters of the way through with last years video before realizing there was a new (and different!) one for 2019. Thanks for these long-form setup videos, by the way! These are a wealth of information for the average idiot like myself.

  5. hey there Alex i am currently building my site, is it okay if i don't only do one niche? will it affect my traffic or rank on google? for now i have beauty & care and health & fitness.. i know there is a lot of competition but i would like to know if i could get more niches into my site without doing it for absolutely nothing 🙁 thank you

  6. Excellent tutorial, thank you for the information. I know you have mentioned why before, but I can not find it now. But why do you register your domain name with GoDaddy rather than with your hosting company? What is the advantage? Thanks. I will be launching my site soon and will use your link. Thanks again.

  7. Hey Alex, I've been following your videos for a bit and decided recently that it was time for me to dive into this and try it myself. I followed this video and I've hit a wall fairly early on and I was wondering if you could help me troubleshoot the problem. I pointed my domain from siteground to godaddy just like in the video. I downloaded WP and it doesn't show up when I refresh the page and my site doesn't have the security thing that yours has.

  8. Sir, I hope you will reply to me on this Question. I want to make a website like, with elementor, in this website I want to create same functionality like freelance members and order form like on this website, and top writer pages, please guide me how I can build it in WordPress,

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