Mon. Mar 2nd, 2020

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Minecraft – CAN I RESET THE NETHER ? ( How ? ) NETHER UPDATE ( Explained ) Bedrock / Java

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Today I am going to show you what options are available to reset the nether for when the NETHER UPDATE COMES OUT ! Help me get to 300k ! Join SQUAD6🔥✅ ✅ Minecraft Bedrock | PS4 / MCPE 📱 1.14 Pocket Edition / XBOX One / Windows 10 / Switch | BETA | and Java Edition If you enjoy the video, drop a like👍 and Subscribe to my Minecraft channel for DAILY Redstone Tutorials , Lets Plays & News Updates !

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31 thoughts on “Minecraft – CAN I RESET THE NETHER ? ( How ? ) NETHER UPDATE ( Explained ) Bedrock / Java

  1. I just started new survival world, if i don't go to nether before update, will i get updated nether after? Playing on pe so idk how it works on mobile (i know pe is bedrock edition)

  2. I have a solution just make it to where the areas that the player edits such as place block or break then it would save the chunk that would be what I would like

  3. Please I need help. I did this many times in different test worlds and it works but every time I go to the nether after I use the program I get sent to the nether but my nether portal is completely missing. I don’t know what to do.

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