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Mongol Invasion of Java

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The Mongol invasion of Java was a military effort made by Kublai Khan nominally the great Khan of Mongol empire and founcer of Yuan Dynasty, to invade Java, an island in modern Indonesia. In 1293, he sent a large invasion fleet to Java with 1000 ships and 20,000 to 30,000 soldiers. This was a punitive expedition against King Kertanegara of Singhasari Kingdom, who had refused to pay tribute to the Yuan and maimed one of its envoy. However, the invasion ended with failure for the Mongols, and resulted in the establishment of Majapahit Empire as thassalocratic power based on East Java from 14-16th century.

music :
Ayodhya Symphony Orchestra – Anoman Obong
Ayodhya Symphony Orchestra – Prau Layar
Ayodhya Symphony Orchestra – Tresna Kula
Raden Agung – Gending Majapahit
Richard Beddow – Hun Theme
Richard Beddow – Scourge of God
Michael Curran – Genghis Khan war theme
Vitalis Eirich – Diamond Dragon

22 thoughts on “Mongol Invasion of Java

  1. The three generals, demoralized by the considerable loss of their elite soldiers due to the ambush, went back to their empire with the surviving soldiers. Upon their arrival, Shi-bi was condemned to receive 70 lashes and have a third of his property confiscated for allowing the catastrophe. Ike Mese also was reprimanded and a third of his property taken away. But Gaoxing was awarded 50 taels of gold for protecting the soldiers from a total disaster. Later, Shi-bi and Ike Mese were shown mercy, and the emperor restored their reputation and property.[14]
    This failure was the last expedition in Kublai Khan's reign. Majapahit, in contrast, became the most powerful state of its era in the region.[15] Kublai Khan planned another invasion of Java with 100,000 men strong army, but this plan was cancelled after his death.[2] Travellers passing the region, such as Ibn Battuta and Odoric of Pordenone, however noted that Java had been attacked by the Mongols several times, always ending in failure.[16][17] Gunung Butak inscription from 1294 mentions Aria Adikara intercepting a further Mongol invasion and successfully defeating it before landing in Java.[13]

  2. Well it has been two years since the supposedly prophecied rise of Majapahit and.. nothing. History is history I guess! So proud of my ancestor nonetheless. Thank you so much for this awesome tribute!

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