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MoT Athens Meetup #7: Domain Knowledge & Timings API & Jenkins as code

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Our 7th meetup includes three light talks:

1) Title: Domain Knowledge: The hidden power behind quality assurance
Speaker: Kostas Karamichalis
Abstract:Quality Assurance should not only depend on technical skills, tools, and methodologies. Integrating Domain Knowledge in the process can help the team deliver products of high quality by building a better understanding of the business.

2) Title: Timings API: Performance Assertion during the functional testing
Speaker: Petros Plakogiannis, Marcel Verkerk
Abstract: Most teams at GoDaddy follow a CI/CD process where Selenium is commonly used for test automation. When they realized that the Selenium WebDrivers provide access to the same APIs as real browsers, including the widely supported W3C performance API, the concept for the cicd-perf-api webservice was born! By inserting some JavaScript code into the WebDriver object, performance data can be collected and posted back to the webservice. The response from the webservice includes a boolean field that testers can use for assertion – just like they would with functional checks! The field indicates whether performance was above/below the baseline. With this talk Petros will give an introduction to the concept of the Timings API and Marcel will be online in order to tell us about the future of it.

3) Title: Jenkins as code: from pain to gain
Speaker: Stamatis Glykos, Ioannis Pechlivanidis
Abstract: Adopting new technologies in a startup company, is not the same as introducing them in a large organization with many products, many teams, and a lot of diverse, pre-existing automation infrastructure.
In this presentation we will discuss :
a) what is the Jenkins (jobs) as code technology (quick overview)
b) the reasons that led us to adopt the Jenkins (jobs) as code technology
c) our vision and the principles we followed on introducing this technology
d) the tools we used – implementation details (IDE, Jenkins plugins)
e) the Jenkins (jobs) as code workflow
f) the expected and unexpected benefits of adopting this technology
g) roadmap – next steps with Jenkins

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