Sat. Dec 7th, 2019

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Moving from PHP (or any other programming language) to Javascript

1 min read

00:31 – When moving from PHP/Java/Ruby to Javascript. Javascript has many concepts baked into it, so you’ll need to step out of what you know, to embrace that new language.
03:16 – One of the first things to learn is the difference between Classes and Prototypes, how they work. Dive into the importance of functions in JavaScript, and the declarative syntax that makes it that powerful.
09:19- One of the strengths of JavaScripts is that it doesn’t enforce too many concepts, like basic building blocks
11:06 – the Journey learning different frameworks on top of JavaScript. For a long time, you had a bunch of different alternatives. Now 3 emerged Angular 2+, React and Vue. They are all equivalent in their performance, Vue is still much more intuitive and abstract more things for you.

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