Fri. Nov 8th, 2019

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MX-19 Linux (Beta 1) Day 1: A swan in the making!

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NOTE: I approach Linux as a ‘user’ rather than a coder: I look for functionality, looks and ease of use, nothing more. Comments are held for review so please be nice!
Zebedee Boss donated: Advent i5 PC, Toshiba Satellite Pro i5 laptop, Toshiba Satellite laptop, Acer Aspire i3 notebook.
E’fd donated: Nvidia GT630 graphics card, 16GB ram.
English Bob donated: Nvidia GTX-750TI SC graphics card.

10 thoughts on “MX-19 Linux (Beta 1) Day 1: A swan in the making!

  1. After a few antiX betas, I figured MX would not be far behind. Thanks for the look. Maybe when Debian 10.1 is released next week we shall see the full release of MX 19? 🙂

  2. Hi Ghosty, My toolmaking knowledge kicked in during the video, and I had to mention that it was a Vernier not a Micrometer, lol, the ugly duckling a very fitting story for MX, I'm personally not fussed how things are out of the box, if it's made easy to change that's best and then make it your own, I've tried some GTK3 themes from (not xfce-look) and they seem to look in place now. Nice vid!

  3. The day after I installed MX 18.3 they released this beta-1. The target Is an old Core Duo 7500 @2.2 GHz with 4GB RAM. Not exactly snappy. I wonder if this new Buster based release will behave better or just use more processing power. I'm worried about the full GTK 3 based xfce and the more recent kernel. Any ideas? Rob

  4. I really like MX, but the one thing I really don't like is the sidepanel, but you can change that. I'm sure it will be awesome once it's finished;)

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