Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

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MX Linux 19 Beta

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Today we will look at MXLinux 19 Beta. Lets talk what it is and a little of the philosophy of MX Linux in light of the AntiX video.
#MXLinux #Linux #XFCE

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11 thoughts on “MX Linux 19 Beta

  1. MX Linux is my go to distro if one day Ubuntu goes belly up although I might use Linux Mint Debian Edition distro as well but MX Linux has the XFCE where Linux Mint Debian Edition does not but I have both in case Ubuntu goes bye bye 🙂

  2. you forgot to mention that MX Linux is better than puppy Linux for running a full Linux distro on USB stick full time. non live CD but treated like an HDD. Have many option like Running from ram etc

  3. I have recently tried MX linux cause I had to install it on a student's netbook, and that was amazing! And the fact that it's based on Debian and it's super stable, that's awesome! Excellent! Thanks for the review.

  4. I just got into Linux with Mint 19.2 (Tina), it's been awesome so far. I had some troubles while installing it, but I solved them changing the filesystem to ext3 and my HDD was able to execute it (it's an early 2011 ASUS laptop).

    One question I have is: is it possible to replace the default Nemo File Explorer with Nautilus? I'd like to install it, it seems more appealing to me.

  5. Up until about 10 days ago, I used MX Linux and actually thought I'd found my 'next' favorite distro. It was snappy, quick, and didn't have a lot of bloat. Used it for about a month and discovered I couldn't access my USB backup drive. Tried numerous ways of fixing this and discovered, finally, that XFCE sometimes wouldn't access NTFS formatted drives.

    I'll try this again after 19 goes out of Beta. But until then? I sure miss it…

  6. When MS dropped support for XP back in '14 I went to Ubuntu. When Ubuntu went nuts I tried some others until I discovered MX (it was MX 17 at the time) and I've been with MX ever since and have no desire to explore any other systems. I am happy with MX and look forward to the release of MX-19 based on Debian 10. That looks really good to me.

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