Thu. Nov 7th, 2019

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My Corvette build is FINALLY done! | C7 headlight install

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HUGE thank you to the sponsors supporting the channel and each build!!

Suspension – BMR Suspension
Shocks – Viking Performance
Exhaust – Corsa Performance
Supercharger/Tuner – VMP Performance
Parachute – Stroud Safety
Shifter – Hurst

Race Truck:
Nitrous Kit – NOS
Highrise Manifold/Fuel Rails – Holley EFI
Tuning – Mexico Racing League

Coilovers – Raceland
Engine Management – DIY Auto Tune/ Hoffman Inovations
Turbo Kit – Flyin’ Miata
Roll Bar – Track Dog Racing
Body Kit – KBD

Bendpak –
MIG 250 –
Versa Cut 60 –
Panoramic Welding Helmet –

19 thoughts on “My Corvette build is FINALLY done! | C7 headlight install

  1. I feel your pain. A few years back I needed a new tow vehicle and did not have time to build one. So I hit Craigslist found a great deal on an older model. I even got it cheaper than what it was listed for. There was a long list of repairs that needed to be taken care of just so I can tag the vehicle. Everything went pretty good except for the broken exhaust manifold. But eventually we were able to get out the last broken stud. Everything seemed great with the vehicle. Then all of a sudden I started losing coils. Show off the AutoZone I went. For anybody who has a Ford with the individual coils AutoZone has the best deal that I found. I was able to buy a box of 8 for right around $200 and each one carries a lifetime warranty. So I got all that done thinking it shouldn't give me any more problems. Then I lost my brakes due to a broken line. A week after that my front brake started dragging on the driver side. I'm thinking there was something stuck there I replaced all four corners when I bought the vehicle. I do that with every car I buy that used. Come to find out the caliber went bad so I got to re-buy that same router again and got lucky with the pads since they are a lifetime warranty. A week after that the battery light came on. I came home got the voltmeter out and realize I now have a bad alternator. Was able to rebuild that for $6 and also went ahead and replaced the battery again. Since that incident I am not driven it since. I'm like you I'm thinking about selling it or giving it to one of my nieces or nephews.

  2. bro you should change it to cable driven clutch, it would be a hard slog but it wouldn't blow out clutch lines and slave cylinders anymore, and you wouldnt have to bleed the clutch

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