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My IUD Horror Story (Super TMI!)

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I’m Molly, a typical sushi, makeup, and fashion loving millennial girl who just so happens to be blind! I was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa at just 4 years old and began public speaking at age 5. I started just doing motivational speaking, but now I make videos and even model! Even though I can’t see, I know that there are bright spots in everything we face. Let’s find them together. 💕

35 thoughts on “My IUD Horror Story (Super TMI!)

  1. This story is super personal and definitely not an easy one to share but I feel like it's important to help other women become more aware. Please be kind! I was nervous to share this one. Sending love. <3

  2. This story is one I wish I had heard years ago. I'm sorry you went through this but so glad you can share.

    3 years ago when I got married I went to my doctor to get birth control. I had never been sexually active before and had never been on any sort of birth control. Despite this they insisted that I needed to get an IUD because of the rate of success and my age (I was 24 at the time) I was hesitant to say the least and decided to go to a gynecologist for a second option. When I told them what I had been told by my doctor they were horrified. They said 1. I should never have been TOLD what to do, only given options 2. Because of my body type and medical conditions I would be likely to have major side effects from an IUD and 3. They didn't think that my body would react well to the insertion (they told me I would likely bleed for a long time after the insertion). I'm so glad I went for a second opinion because I ended up choosing a different option (pill) and I've had no major problems with it in the past 3 years.

  3. Mama Dr Jones needs to look at this and explain it. Go watch her stuff about obgyn if you need to know anything at all!! Women's health is important and she's amazing at explaining it for all the women including the killer bees ❤️

  4. Thanks for sharing!

    IUDs do not sit on the wall of your uterus. They are within the endometrial cavity. If it is digging in the muscle that is considered perforated and needs to be removed.

    Also if you are using hormones the layer of your endometrium that gets shed with a period don't form as thick or at all.

    I'm a Canadian ultrasound tech and on my second IUD. I had a Mirena with bad mood issues and other side effects. I changed to a Kyleena with a much lower hormone level

  5. I have found that just younger doctors in general have been much more gentle and patient with me. The older lady obgyns seem to be the least compassionate. My doctor is a younger woman and she does my paps super quick and gentle so it’s done before I know it. She also doesn’t judge me when I vomit after getting vaccines.

  6. I think it’s sad that women have such insecurities about sharing things like this because there’s nothing wrong with talking about women’s health! It’s important.

  7. I had similar experiences between male and female obgyns I originally had a woman doctor when I got pregnant but needed up have an older gentleman sweetest guy deliver my son

  8. Oh wow. Ive had the best experience with my iud. I too had issues with the pill and being at risk for blood clots.
    When I got it inserted they told me
    To keep up with the ibuprofen for a few days and yeah I had some soreness but it was bearable. I get my period every three months or so and my cramps are a little bit worse now than they were before I had the iud but the cramps are so worth not having to remember to take a pill and not having to worry about accidental pregnancy

  9. Hi Molly! I just wanted to share my experience with birth control and blood clots. I have also a certain different genetic disorder causing me to be more prone to blood clots. When I felt it was time to be put on birth control, I talked to my Aunt who happened to be a doctor. She told me any birth control NOT containing estrogen was safe. Upon my own research, I have found that estrogen is the main cause of the blood clot symptom so progesterone only pills are way safer! I’ve been on my pill for many months and haven’t had any issues.

  10. Eating fermented foods, raw cabbage, beet juice and pears is supposes to help with ovarian cysts.( it gets rid of estrogen). I had them for a couple months and then they went away.

  11. this was good timing because i just quit the pill and was looking into the iud but ive only heard one good experience and manyyyyy bad experiences about it so nope not trying that!!!!

  12. See that’s funny cause I have terrible experience with male doctors and god with female. Only when I had a miscarriage I had a male doctor and he was really nice but he just rushed me. My OB right now for this pregnancy is female and she’s amazing, my male family doctor is so stupid and has no idea what he’s doing

  13. Thank you for sharing this story! I’d totally support more TMI stories from you. It makes me feel more human knowing other people go through stuff like that too. As for those doctors, that’s horrible! I’m so sorry you had to deal with all that.

  14. I'm sorry your experience was so horrible! I had my Mirena placed 3 years ago, and overall it was a good choice for me. My doctor was very nice, and understanding. I remember they gave me a pill to take to "soften" my cervix and 2 painkillers for the morning of and the night after. My doctor told me the procedure would be uncomfortable, but since I was getting an IUD to hopefully treat my endometriosis (which causes severe pain anyway) she believed I'd be able to handle it. The insertion definitely did hurt, but I had experienced worse, and then I bled for 6 weeks. UGH. After that, it tapered off and on, and now almost 3 years later thankfully almost no periods. It definitely helped treat my endo and ultimately I'm glad it was an option for me, but it's definitely not for everyone. (No period is a good thing for me because it decreases the amount of endometrial tissue my body produces, which contributes to pain).

  15. It’s definitely not for everyone. I was on bc for about a decade and I was still having horrific reactions. Like fainting, bleeding EXCESSIVELY, vomiting, intense bloating, debilitating cramps and of course mood swings. Finally about 6 years ago my 86y/o make gyno recommended an iud for my endometriosis (also first time I was told I had that). Now was this the best decision of my life? Yes. Was it the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced? Fuck yes. If you’ve had kids it’s easier, I haven’t had any so more painful. I have a high pain tolerance and this had me gripping the table with tears rolling out of my eyes, could barely walk after. The first one they inserted immediately bent so it got removed instantly and a new one inserted right after. It took some time to heal but this was the first time in years I had relief. Before my iud I was getting ovarian cysts monthly, so bad that they mimicked appendicitis. So to not have that was life changing. I just got my second one done this year (I have the mirena one). Now I thought getting one in was bad. But let me TELL YOU. I was sitting on my hands and I still nearly punched my dr. Knee jerk reaction I had zero control, luckily she’s quick lol my eyes 100% rolled back and I think I saw Jesus. It was an out of body experience. Yes I’ve bled after getting both but it was NOTHING compared to what I had before. It’s my favorite thing in the world. I love my iud. But it was a journey. A painful one. To me worth it though but again not for everyone.

  16. Sorry about your experience! It sounds really bad. What I’m surprised about is why the Mirena was one of the options the doctor told molly she could use. Only because Mirena is hormonal, which she seemed to have problems with. I would think that she could only use the copper IUD since it’s hormone free.

    Currently I have the Copper iud and I often get random cramps. Im always scared about it getting stuck or disappearing somewhere. I’ve had it for about two years now and I had about a month of spotting in the beginning. Or I’ll have two periods in a month once in a while. The insertion wasn’t all that bad, my doctor told me to come in during the first two days of my period because the cervix dilates during that time. I took about 4 ibuprofen and it just felt like a large cramp.

  17. My old teacher called “peeing out ur butthole diarrhea” the “hot-snakes.”

    Will never hear someone refer to Venomous snakes as “Hot snakes” again without cringing.

  18. Though not nearly as severe an experience, the attitude of my gynecologist is similar to yours (same city I believe, different doctor). I got the Kylena, which is smaller than Mirena. When she went to insert it, she said she was going to do the test, same as yours did. Only 3 seconds later, she had implanted the IUD device without any warning. I yelped in pain. Her response was that oh, people don't generally feel that part. There was zero empathy in her voice, if anything it was catty, the way she said it. I get that she wanted me to remain relaxed during the procedure, I guess her lack of warning combined with all the other issues kinda irks me. Anyhow.
    Both product websites say it needs to be checked daily to make sure its in place.
    I asked her to show me how I can do that, she told me she would not be doing that, and it was silly. Never before has a doctor spoken to me in that manner. I was in shock from the insertion so didn't have any wits to say anything about it. She cleaned up and left. Overall I saw her for about 90 seconds that day, device implementation included.
    After that I had about 45+ days of cramping with constant spotting. Its been about 60 days. I still have the occasional cramp but it has decreased significantly. Though I did trip and break my hand 2 days after it happened. I called their office to let them know and the super sweet front desk lady said it should not be a problem. Maybe its just the local docs to us. Mine has a terrible rating online as well.
    Thanks for sharing your story. Sorry to hear that I am not the only one with IUD woes 🙁

  19. I think you talking about this is awesome. I've always had bad irregular periods and issues with nearly every type of birth control as well. I had my mirena IUD for 3 years before getting it out because I loved that I didn't have a period because I typically have horribly heavy painful periods and I have a condition called POTS with low blood volume so the bleeding makes me feel worse. My IUD causes ovarian cysts and pelvic pain as well. They say to check your strings often and I didnt and the wire string ended up being wrapped around the opening of my cervix and was pretty painful. I was scared I'd have to have it surgically removed but they were able the free the string and just pull it out which was super painless. I also am petite and haven't had kids yet so I think that played a big part in my pelvic pain and insertion pain as well.

  20. I planned on getting and iud but the day I got there, they didn’t have enough time. It was planned parenthood and I ended up getting the nexplanon implant instead. I have major phobia of needles and always go into a panic attack. My bf was in the room with me and kept me distracted. It wasn’t as bad as they numbed the area before insertion. The only thing is my period started not long after and for 10. Months. Straight. I had a nonstop period. Ended up freebleeding by the end of it because I was so done with it but after it had finally ended, I didn’t have any sort of period for months. Not sure how I fall on it as I wanted the non hormonal iud but I think it’s still an option for me if I can be put under some sort of gas

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