Fri. Feb 28th, 2020

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My Linux Desktop 2020

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A look at desktops from the past and what I use today including software… This video was inspired by Alan Pope’s nice vid:

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35 thoughts on “My Linux Desktop 2020

  1. Ubuntu took over my laptop back in the day – forgot what Windows XP looked like for a long time. My first Linux distro was Knoppix (the first ever Linux Live CD). Bought a Linux magazine at Borders that had the disk and forked over $30 USD for it years ago. Remember Red Hat Home Edition & SUSE Professional? I'm getting old.

    Now I'm messing with Manjaro, but also mess with LinuxMint – detested both initially; was primarily Ubuntu for a long time then rolled back over to SUSE when Novell took the reins (openSUSE 10). Much time has passed since.

  2. I started with a TO7 then I get a Atary 1024E+Cubase 1.2, then Win95b…. ….I did use Win7 a wile but it was like Win98, (always crashing I did lose a lot of my work) THEN I DISCOVERED Linux Mint, it saved my digital life…… and so I am big fan of your channel, where I learn a lot!

  3. For an even faster hotkey to close your terminal windows, try ctrl-d which sends the unix EOF character. Remember, everything on a unix/linux system is a file, even terminal sessions.

  4. I Started testing out Linux Mint about a year before Windows XP went dark. I've tried several other distros but always ended up going back to Linux Mint. Currently, running Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon on a Dell Precision Workstation 690 that was used to run a CT Scanner at a local hospital that I got two of for free when they upgraded. Both have dual core Intel© Xeon© CPU 5160 @ 3.00GHz × 2 processors, NVIDIA Corporation G80GL [Quadro FX 4600] Graphic Card an 15.6 GIB of ram.

  5. I'm not arguing because, as you say, Linux is about choice…if you work in your own universe then LibreOffice can be fine. But if someone is partnering with clients who have their businesses set up around MS Office, my experience and that of many others who've shared their opinions on the web is that LibreOffice's formatting is not as compatible with MS Office as is that of FreeOffice, WPS or OnlyOffice. It's never wise to annoy a client by taking their painstakingly formatted doc or presentation and then mess it up because you simply made a comment or an edit and re-saved it.

  6. Terminator is the Beez Neez, mann!
    "I'm just getting a lot of .flac for what I said!"

    I get FLAMED everytime I mention "Google Chrome" in random videos about Linux or recently "Brave"!

  7. Hi Joe nice video!
    About dark themes:
    In dark environments your pupils have to widen to collect enough light what puts strain on the ciliary muscle.
    With bright themes the ciliary muscles don't have to contract as much and your eyes are less tired on the long run.
    Also the smaller pupils for a smaller optical aperture which make it easier to focus on small objects.
    In conclusion bright themes are easier on your eyes.

    Personally I prefer dark themes because they're just so beautiful!

  8. in 2014, I was fed up with windows, and I started exploring Linux again, I was amazed by solus performance and stability and settled there since 2015, it's not perfect but it's a favorable experience.

  9. Interesting video. I go back to Windows 3.1 & used a lot of MSDOS )ancient history now). — For backups, been using TimeShift and your BU utility (fantastic utility and a great lifesaver). Learned so much from you in my short Linux life (only 5 months so far). Thank you for everything. Keep the info coming !

  10. Thanks Joe! Awesome video….
    I Watched Chris Were's "Workflow" Video the other day also and i really liked what he has done.
    I use to take shots of my desktop years ago and I lost a hard drive that had all the pics and bunch of other stuff so I just quit doing it… Yes I thought I had a backup, but back then I was using "Tape Backups" and it was not backing up right "In Windows", I could not read the tape to get the files… 🙁
    I will watch Alans video next….. 😀

  11. I hate keyboard short cuts. I love my Logitech M-500 mouse. To much to remember and mouse is quicker. Thunderbird my favorite too. After all those years on Windows I can't stand light themes anymore. No crashes with Firefox beta with dark themes.

  12. The Last Time I Was This Early.
    Jeffery Epstein Hadn't Killed Himself Yet

    My Switch To Linux Was Much The Same, Just A Bit Later.
    When WeenDoze10 Was First Released It Bricked My Dell Laptop
    Microshaft Was Useless In Helping Me And I Didn't Want To Lose All That Was On That Machine
    Fortunately A Friend Handed My Several Discs Including Linux Mint (mate)
    I Played With A Bunch Of Different Distros Until I Settled Down.
    Yes I Lost Everything Because Of My Failure To Keep Backups Outside Of The Machine, BUT
    I Have Gained SOOOOOOO Much More In Switching To Linux

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