Fri. Feb 28th, 2020

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My Linux Desktop "Workflow"

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Inspired by a video from Chris Were, I thought I’d show off what I run on my main machine. Nobody asked for this, but here it is. There’s also some screenshots from my 2005 desktop. Which are mostly awful.

31 thoughts on “My Linux Desktop "Workflow"

  1. I have Gnome on Parabola GNU/Linux and I have extensions installed. Not many but I cant use it stock. Although as I write this I am in KDE Plasma. Good video.

  2. Hello Alan nice videos keep on moving.
    Here is my Gnome configurations. I love ubuntu. GUI—First thing I do is to disable animation, disable search, disable notification and uninstall all default Gnome extensions and uninstall the Ubuntu Dock. Then I do the following:
    * I installed Vanilla Gnome only because I love Gnome GUI login screen (Black-Blue) and I modified the login code to make vanilla gnome is my default login screen instead of ubuntu login but I login to ubuntu desktop not to Gnome.

    *These are my extensions:
    1. Dash to Panel . To make it as my Top panel by removing menu, app…etc and leave the clock …etc and I customize it to make it my default Top panel with black background
    2. Dash to Dock and make it my Left Dock panel with Black Background.
    3. Removable Drive Menu
    4. ulauncher:
    5. Bluetooth quick connect
    6. Tray Icons
    7. Sound Input & Output Device Chooser:
    8. Remove Accessibility
    9. Coverflow Alt-Tab

    * I modified CSS of GUI for Lock-screen and Login-Screen and make them Black lock – Login screen

    * Plymouth – I used Spinner Playmouth instead of Ubuntu plymouth because Ubuntu plymouth heart my eyes and I also modified the Spinner code to make Spinner Black background instead of dark gray.

    * I install sudo apt adwaita-icon-theme-full to adjust the icon and I installed Papirus icon theme to be my icon.

    * My themes are Adwaita Dark + Papirus icon theme.

    * I uninstall snap and install Flatpak instade.

    * Sublime is my text editor. HTOP monitoring the sys. Gnome terminal. Neofetch.
    I noticed with all these changes I will gain a resource improvement around 910 MB instead of 1600 MB the default Ubuntu with no change.

  3. I'm a huge fan of stock Ubuntu's Gnome. Years ago I used multiple extensions, but now I much prefer how minimal and focused stock Ubuntu is.

  4. This. I wish more seasoned Linux users would publish their daily workflows. I am in the midst of converting to Linux for work and personal life, but find the endless possibilities difficult to evaluate. It is nice to have stumbled on a video of explanation. Thanks.

  5. Really interesting video! It's nice to see somebody talking about their experiences over the years on Linux.. Also retro linux is pretty interesting on itself.
    Nice video and Cheers Alan!

  6. Thank you for the sneak peak into your world. I loved the screenshots and now I wish I had saved mine. I also have a few extensions to check out as well.
    Thank you for sharing Alan

  7. Great Video! I just watched Joe Collins video and he pointed us here… Lol
    I liked Chris's Video too… Wish I still had my shots from years ago. I had a HDD die and the backup was crap, so I quit doing it… Thanks for the video!

  8. Can I remove tray icon in 20.04? In 19.04 couldn't find any way to remove that. I just made an error in the extension js file to broke the extension, so it's not loading anymore 🙁

  9. How far we've come. I'm in my mid forties, and I had a long period in my life without computers. On a Tandy TDK when I was around 10, I learned IF THIS=THAT THEN GOTO X, and playing text-based games via a cassette that sounded like what would become the internet. I was without any kind of computer in my life from about 1991 all the way until 2004, at which point was I was introduced to Windows 98. I went to college in 2005, and was quickly thrown into the world of Mac. I was becoming a geek around 2009, at which point I was introduced to Linux. Jaunty Jakelope was my first Linux CD. After trying it out for 30 minutes, I burned a disc of Gentoo, wiped the PC, and installed that. Somehow I wound up with the KDE version. I didn't even know what a desktop environment was. I just thought every distro made it's own interface, until I installed OpenSuse, and saw it looked just like Ubuntu with different colors. Since I thought all Linux was the same, I stuck with Ubuntu until the Unity vs Gnome 3 debacle. Almost left Ubuntu permanently for Deepin, until I got scared of spying. Been using Kubuntu exclusively since 2016, except for some media work on Ubuntu Studio.

  10. Ta for that emoji extension, as there are a few apps (like the web version of Tweetdeck) that don't offer that feature. Has now been installed.

    When do you think will be a good time to upgrade to the 20.04 dev build?

  11. I run Stock Gnome on 18.04 LTS only because I am eagerly awaiting 20.04 LTS. I was running the latest builds, but after purchasing an AMD 5700 Navi GPU, I had to revert to a clean install of 18.04 to get the official AMD driver to get the 5700 to work and haven't got around to customizing figuring I would once 20.04 drops.

    Would you recommend an 18.04 LTS user upgrade to 20.04 WIP who mostly games (Steam, Snap League of Legends, Google Stadia via Chromium, Proton) and hosts a couple game servers as systemd services?

    Would you recommend upgrade my 18.04 direct to 20.04 or do a fresh install and re-configure users and installed packages?

  12. I always enjoy these and find tidbits of info that help me improve my own experience. I had been using a different sound device switching extension but was having issues with it so I was happy to find an alternative. I also just started using LBRY. Not sure if I'm sold on it just yet but it's an interesting alternative to YouTube. Thanks for posting this!

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