Tue. Oct 29th, 2019

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Nestor makes landfall, threatens Florida with flash flooding

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Nestor, no longer a tropical storm, is hammering Florida with torrential rains and flash flooding. The storm roared ashore Saturday with winds of up 60 mph. At least two tornadoes were reported. Many homes and businesses were damaged across the state. Hilary Lane reports.

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33 thoughts on “Nestor makes landfall, threatens Florida with flash flooding

  1. CBS you make it sound like the entire state is affected. When that is a lie. Only a small fraction of the state WAS affected on the gulf coast. I feel bad for those people because they are STILL rebuilding from Matthew. But get your damn facts straight CBS. Your station is nothing but BS.

  2. OHHHHH, those POOR Alabamans! First, that EVIL hurricane Dorian utterly RAVAGED most of Alabama – according to the world-class meteorologist – now they get spanked again! Is there no end to the awfulness!?

  3. how can I believe anything you say you're lying corrupt garbage your communist socialist news and you're absolutely nothing but fake garbage I can't even believe your weather reports You're such scumbags

  4. Trump may summon his legendary thick calloused skin to hang on to his corrupt presidency by persecuting the media and democrats, but they will never stop policing and scrutinizing his criminal efforts despite his attacks.
    His administration can spin any narrative they want but the truth is that the media and democrats are the true keepers of the will of the people. GREAT JOB DEMS! GREAT JOB NEWS MEDIA(excluding fox, and only fox) !

  5. Hopefully Alabama trump supporters think this was hurricane Dorian so they can be relieved the sharpie hurricane has passed now. The poor people have been outside so long with binoculars in their left hand while boarding up with their right.

  6. who else noticed that in the radar it showed that it had already past by Florida? I mean really it plainly shows the hurricane in the Atlantic ocean, and the title is that is makes landfall? they are a bit late to the punch huh? as it made landfall yesterday morning, good job giving a heads up on it CBS. glad to know you are not the only early warning system out there or we would all be dead by now.

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