Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

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Nintendo Wins UK High Court Case! Piracy Websites to be Blocked by Internet Service Providers

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The UK High Court just saw in Nintendo’s favour of preventing further Nintendo Switch piracy, internet service providers must block 4 major websites distributing resources that deal or relate to illegally downloading Switch software.


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44 thoughts on “Nintendo Wins UK High Court Case! Piracy Websites to be Blocked by Internet Service Providers

  1. Protecting the game industry seems like such a poor excuse. Unless piracy reaches the levels of the DS and PSP, it doesn't really result in a significant amount of lost sales. And any potential lost sales will be more than made up for with people who really enjoy a game and end up buying it.

  2. DS and 3DS piracy wouldn't have been so rampant if piracy wasn't so damned easy on those systems. Literally, you could download games directly from eshop for a long time. You didn't even need a flashcart. You would have to make a concentrated effort NOT to pirate on the thing.
    Nintendo is acting childish towards piracy lately. All they have to do is provide a better service than pirates do, which they don't. You'll notice that it's pretty rare for people to pirate Steam games, for example.

  3. It's very inhumane to assume that the 2 million downloads of Pokemon platinum are "missed sales" 99% of those are no doubt people who wouldn't have bought the game otherwise, like kids with no money, people who can't have access to ds in their country, people who just want to casually mod the game with randomizers and such…
    Seriously this mentality that piracy is evil and hurts big companies is such bullshit, all you do when you not let people download AAA games is make gaming a hobby exclusive to people who are able to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on it

  4. Sucks indeed. Hopefully this helps lead us towards a more decentralized internet. Sucks Nintendo doesn't see the financial benefit of allowing piracy. They probably do see it but choose to ignore it out of spite and a desire to control people and make us slaves to our corporate overlords.

  5. My country already has most piracy websites blocked for years now (a.k.a vodafone)
    No difference whatsoever when using VPN since it unblocks them.
    The thumbail should be Mario groundpounding a spiky ground and getting hurt. That's the actual representation of how little it will matter.

  6. Even though I live in the UK; fortunately, I used my own money and I used to use my parents’ money to get games for Nintendo Switch both digitally and physically.

  7. I mean, VPN services exist. That being said, unless is EA please support the official release when possible
    & Nintendo, please start accepting Mod Support, there's a lot of talent out there that you might be missing on

  8. Listen I don’t care about current gen; but there’s a ton of older games that are impossible to pay anyone for that the only way to play are either to buy a second hand copy, or to pirate.

    So many kunio games; the game cube fire emblems, shit, how many Wiiware games are just gone for good?

  9. I don’t mod my switch but this means I can’t mod in the future so sad..

    Wait I don’t want to mod my switch and if I wanted to mod anything it would be my Wii

  10. Switch piracy I understand (even though the modding scene is rad), but Nintendo has neither my sympathy nor my support if/when they go after retro emulation again. Do better, or stop trying. You're only making things worse for people by removing ROMs you're never gonna' resell.

  11. I wish they fought as tirelessly to fight against people re-selling their products at insane prices on the internet. Want a collectors edition? Maybe just some of the amiibo? Consider yourself screwed over. Does Nintendo do anything about it? NOPE cause it implies somebody bought it from them in the first place which is ok right? BS

  12. Here in México back in 2002 I really wanted to play snes and nes games but the rental store did not have those games anymore, it was only 64 and gamecube, so the only way to play them were by emulating them, and I had a really good time playing some games I never had the chance to play, i say that emulating old games isnt bad, piracy on NEW ones, now thats really bad…

  13. Why does this video imply that piracy is a bad thing? Some regions never get certain games released, and many classic games aren’t available to play on current systems. Plus, the overregulation of piracy just leads to corporate totalitarianism.

  14. Nintendo really gotta stop this shit, new games I get but old games should be fair game, too a degree if its not avalible anywhere for a reasonable price. Case in point games like Minish Cap either re-release it or it going to get pirated.

  15. Then they better hurry up and put their entire library on the eshop. Seriously piracy is their because of their BS not us. What if I want to play Pokémon emerald right now? Where am I gonna buy it? Your not selling it? Then I guess I have to pirate it.
    Nintendo just loves taking two steps forward kicking and screaming and then running five steps back. Shit pisses me off.

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