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OAuth terminologies and flows explained – OAuth tutorial – Java Brains

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In this tutorial, you’ll learn a couple of things. First you’ll learn about some key key terminologies used in OAuth. These are terms you will encounter in OAuth implementations, articles and pretty much anything to do with OAuth. And once you have learned that, you will understand how some of the important OAuth flows work in detail. OAuth has a lot of different variety of flows, but there are few key ones that you really should be knowing. Which you will by the end of this tutorial.

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19 thoughts on “OAuth terminologies and flows explained – OAuth tutorial – Java Brains

  1. Thanks, great video! I have one question though, regarding the third flow for microservices. Isn't there a missing step between step 3 and step 4? when the microservice2 gets the access token from microservice1, it needs to first call the auth service to verify that the received token is valid right? before actually giving microservice1 the data he wants? Am I missing something? (BTW, joining the request for a video on openID)

  2. Hi koushik, How to maintain the user login and logoff session with mobile app and web app connected to microservices. But with JWT it looks like it depends on JWT token expiration date, but how we can can maintain a sync with user log off session.

  3. Thank you so much Kaushik. Can you please create a video explaining how to get new JWT generated from Authorizing service(e.g Okta) from a Java program.

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