Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

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Ocarina of Time: Zora's Domain

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29 thoughts on “Ocarina of Time: Zora's Domain

  1. I just recently started playing this game and it's really good and really fun and when I first got to this stage I really liked this song. It's really calming and relaxing and I would just walk around the stage just listening to this song.

  2. we have equal stories my friend 🙂 , since i was young i played this game, loving the zora's, i became a gamer and my name represents how it all started

  3. Songs of the sea
    Play endlessly…

    Come sail with me,
    Rest peacefully…

    Set your mind free,
    Listen to this melody
    And you'll find eternity…
    ( I did NOT write these lyrics, i give all the credit to adrisaurus)

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