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Open Source Website Builder and eCommerce: OpenERP

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Create enterprise grade website with our super easy builder. Use finely designed building blocks and edit everything inline. Benefit from out-of-the-box business features; e-Commerce, events, blogs, jobs announces, customer references, call-to-actions, etc.

This is a new open source application in Python/Javascript based on Bootstrap and OpenERP.

Download or use online on

17 thoughts on “Open Source Website Builder and eCommerce: OpenERP

  1. Hi! Have you tried using TK Explosion Easy Website Builder (just google it)? A co-worker of mine started using it, and is getting incredible results. Very cheap to use too!

  2. I'm confused. Free for up two users. 8 euro per month. Is it free? and any additional user will pay 8 Euro. Also the number of claims on youtube of something being open source, yet has a price is very confusing.

  3. Hi, im trying to add some products in the Ecommerce module but after adding them to the cart and while validation it show me 404 Error !! "The page you were looking for could not be found; it is possible you have typed the address incorrectly, but it has most probably been removed due to the recent website reorganisation. " Pleeeeease need help

  4. Can we customize CSS and templates? Drag&drop is pretty cool and brings some huge foundations, but what if I want to tweak things a little bit?

  5. When will the code be released so that we can test it ourselves? Simple front end is nice, but it is just a teaser…and in the video there are many visual layout issues: text and images overlapping, headers and body text overlapping, etc… overall this is exciting, but now I need to know more.

  6. The upcoming release of OpenERP is just awesome!
    The CMS & E-Commerce world has a new challenger.
    Magento or Drupal can handle this new player? only time will show us what will happens here.

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