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Openfire – Chat Server in Linux Part-1 (Hindi)

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Chat Server is an important server specially in companies like call center, I am using open source chat server in office. I have Openfire server software for chat server configuration, it is a open source software & can be freely download from official website.Is is also known as open source messenger server (free chat server). The Openfire server software is available for Windows, Linux & Mac.

I will install openfire software on Ubuntu Server 16.04 (Guest machine in Oracel virtualbox). Firstly we have to update Ubuntu server 16.04 using command “apt-get update” afterthat install java software, it is mandatory using command “apt-get install default-jdk”.

On the other hand I will use lan messenger software named Spark instant messenger, it is also available in three plateform Windows, Linux & Mac. It is free to download from official website. I will install spark messenger in windows 7.

I use this chat server outside the office as well. I have internet connection with public IP address. To access the openfire chat server from outside we have to open some ports (Port Forwarding) in firewall or router shown in this video.

This is part-1
In part-2, I mapped Public IP Address with Chat Server

Watch Now: Part-2

Download Openfire & Spark instant messanger software

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4 thoughts on “Openfire – Chat Server in Linux Part-1 (Hindi)

  1. thank you very much for video. i have install ubuntu 16.04 and on it Openfire 4.3.1 as describe on video. but there is happen some problem. when i have restart server, Web page eith Admin conunsol not opening, i can not understand what is going on, may be you know what is the problem , please help me

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