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openSUSE Tumbleweed vs Gecko Linux Rolling – Linux Distro Reviews

1 min read

A much requested look at the desktop friendly version of openSUSE Tumbleweed known as Gecko Linux Rolling. The first half of the video, I talk about what’s unique to Gecko Rolling before going into Tumbleweed in a little more depth.

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29 thoughts on “openSUSE Tumbleweed vs Gecko Linux Rolling – Linux Distro Reviews

  1. Great review. I appreciate the fair review of Tumbleweed. I can tell you from personal experience that breakage is very rare. I have had to roll back a few times most of which was due to VirtualBox breaking. Now that I am using Libvirt / QEMU, this hasn't been necessary. I have used the snapshot feature when my fiddling about needed to be undone. I now run Tumbleweed on nearly all of my machines, including my server. Stability is just not a problem. If you are unsure as to whether or not to run updates, you can navigate to the snapshot reviewer site where it will tell you, very transparently, any issues that may exist.

  2. Disappointing that you did not go with stock TW… font rendering is top notch in stock. There's also the net installer not requiring to download the full ISO. Been using TW for 1 year on my work laptop, with weekly zypper dup without breakage.

  3. Been using Tumbleweed for about 6 months and it's been solid. The only time I had an issue was when I installed a beta version of Windscribe VPN for Linux and it worked great but disconnecting permanently kept the kill switch on so I couldn't reconnect to the internet. Just had to reboot and select a previous Btrfs snapshot and it's back up and running again.

  4. about the broken boot config after updating: that's a base issue of opensuse tumbleweed itself – nothing to do with gecko
    reason: when you use a stable realse (like current leap 15.1) and run the normal update via yast the last step the update script does is refresh the bootconfig
    by using zypper directly with DUP command required in tumbleweed this last step isn't executed the way it should basicly breaking the boot config
    TLDR: when using tumbleweed and update with zypper dup just run mkinitrd afterwards to refresh bootconfig (you just can use "mkinitrd" instead of your grub command – fits the eco system better than tinker yourself with grub)

  5. To get your 3D acceleration and whatnot in GNOME Boxes, you need to install the Spice tools inside the VM. You're using openSUSE, so you would need to run the command below to install the VM support (don't forget to reboot):

    sudo zypper in spice-vdagent

  6. Latest packages out of the box is what delights me about Manjaro Deepin–Thunderbird and Wine installed with a single command each, and without a hitch.
    PS: OpenSUSE is SatanOS. It ate two of my computers and nearly ate a third before I ripped it out of there (I still had some minor problems with that third machine even after replacing OpenSUSE with Kubuntu).

    I think it does something really bad to your hardware, and I'm not the only person to notice this. I'd advise you to rip it out of there while you still can.

  7. Really good info re grub. I tried Gecko just to try their Cinnamon at one stage and it was forever on kernel 4.16 and Cinnamon 3.8 lol. Just out of interest, IG, what mirror were you using? For me, with SUSE, the mirrors gave quite slow download rates. I did notice recently that there is now an Aussie Tier 2 mirror – is that safe to use? I had a couple of issues with SUSE (apart from download rates). For some reason, I kept getting 'elo errors' in my email app (usually Thunderbird) with my Telstra/Bigpond email provider and secondly, a couple of times there were updates of over 3000 items which took me forever to download (I suspect full pattern updates?) Apart from that, I think SUSE is an amazingly polished distro and I am a real Plasma fan, but I just couldn't get a stable email environment and those huge updates eventually broke me. Thanks for this video though, it was good to go over those two distros again 🙂

  8. Oh my god, I had to pause the video and go download Tumbleweed. I had already given up and went debian buster for my old T60 laptop (x86 only).
    Thanks a lot for the spotlight, I've used OpenSuse before they started going crazy with the version numbers, and indeed it's rock solid. If you're a tinkerer, you might want to avoid this one, it literally gets boring being unable to break anything on it

  9. Two things:
    – Last time I checked, Gecko Linux didn't provide a proper partition layout with btrfs and snapper preconfigured. Some may not want to use the features of btrfs and it's a main feature of openSUSE and it's incredible ability to fix the worst upgrade and user sudo somethingstupid with just a reboot.

    – I'm almost a year on TW on 2 Gaming PCs. None of Gecko Linux additional features are really great. They may save you 15 minutes of configuration. Packman/Nvidia etc. can be added via GUI in YAST. Font Rendering is already at the level of the other Linux distros. TLP can be installed during the installation (and I think it will be automatically selected if using a notebook).

  10. I've been using Tumbleweed almost daily for about 7 years. Maybe like once per 3 months some application may have a problem, usually failing to start. it's usually fixed in next update so in matter of days. you can also rollback if you use btrfs or use older snapshot (TW updates are snapshots). TW has never failed to boot or anything serious like that for me. great distro overall.

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