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Paladins Pro | Making the Meta: Spirits Domain Grohk! Ft. Rubbu

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40 thoughts on “Paladins Pro | Making the Meta: Spirits Domain Grohk! Ft. Rubbu

  1. Spirits domain should have sthg like a shockpulse can go between your allies thing. And totemic Ward should have 2 totems you can put down to heal. And the totem in general should have more life

  2. Spirits domain needs buffed in general. It is weaker than Io who needs to aim at someone, but a little less than what grohk does. Grohk only does 900 per second whereas Io heals 1200+ per second. His staffs charge works just the same as her moonlight. Thats not even considering Luna. It needs buffed to where its equivalent to Io's healing capabilities for it to even be slightly viable, otherwise you might as well use Io and get better benefits.

  3. I agree his base ghost walk is trash, and some of the speed and length from his cards should be incorporated. However, how do you feel about allowing him to pass through walls during it? It is called GHOST walk after all. I feel like that ability, along with Ying clone placement, should be able to pass through walls.

  4. People who play healer grohk need therapy because they're into self harm. There are better/easier/safer support picks. As a support main I'd rather play healer skye than healer grohk lmao

  5. It's more efficient to use the card Thunderlord (increase ammo) to level 5 and the card Electrostatic (ammo regeneration) to level 1, instead of using these both cards at lv 3. It's important to say that we should avoid to overheat the weapon (using all ammo instead of wait to recharge) because it takes 3 seconds to reload the weapon but only 1.5 seconds to fully recharge the ammo. That's why it's better to have more ammo than reload speed with Grokh.

  6. im having a hard time deciding if i should remove all ammo cards from the grohk loadout saving like 6 points and maxing defthands, but tbh the reload time is still kinda long, what do u think?

  7. Personally, I use max ammo and regen on the talent. It’s really good, because you never actually feel like you run out of ammo since the regen is so fast at lvl 5 and then for the last 3 cards, it’s just totem health and radius. I feel like the ghost walk is really bad unless you have it at at least lvl 4. He is just too slow in it and it last wayyyy too short

  8. I used to Love Spirits Domain Grohk but stopped playing him cauz people raged… Eventhough my loadout is Ass (and i dont wanna Change it before the season 3 buff) i did quiet well at least in the ELO i was and with the understanding of the Game i Had Back then.

  9. @Vex30 I am a grohk main, here are two suggested loadouts for spirits domain:

    Gale 5, Electrostatic 4, Crackle 3, Thunderlord 2, Outreach 1
    Best build for main support. This gives you the most bang for your buck for cd management, up-time and healing effieciency.

    For a viable escape:
    Gale 5, Electrostatic 3, Phantom 3, Astral Traveler 3, Thunderlord 1
    Main support while having an escape option. Isn't as effiecent as the other build, but will keep you alive if you feel you'll get dove on a lot.

    If anyone wants questions on Grohk, come to me @ discord: Hawsphere#7728

  10. If you use this talent you need to buff your totem, i don't use electrostatic:
    Gale 5
    Extra range on totem 3
    Healing rain 3
    Extra ammo on the staff 3
    Extra health on totem 1
    Your totem is useless without any buff
    Edit: i love the new merch 😀 i'll buy the pillow instantly :p
    Keep going on this way, i love your videos and your streams

  11. I hope they will add a heal lock to Spirit domain (kinda like IO) and make it so combat state only proc when you damage something with your weapon (only work for Spirit domain and Combat medic). On another note, its good that they will buff base Ghost walk, but I also hope they will return the slow to base Shock pulse (and remove it on Maelstrom), cause that ability is also pretty shit at base

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