Sat. Nov 9th, 2019

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Pentest: Hacking WPA2 WiFi using Aircrack on Kali Linux

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Attempting to breach the security of another’s network or computer systems is a crime under the Misuse of Computers act 1990 and punishable by up to 2 years imprisonment, that said it is important to understand the attack vectors and methods a potential hacker might employ in order to protect against it as best as possible.

This step by step guide shows how a hacker might capture your network traffic in order to analyse it and gain access to your environment.

To protect yourself from this kind of attack, ensure you employ a complex password containing uppercase, lowercase, number and special characters.

27 thoughts on “Pentest: Hacking WPA2 WiFi using Aircrack on Kali Linux

  1. After 'airmon-ng start wlan0' I do not get it to change to wlan0mon…
    After checking, it is recognising wlan0 but link quality:0 signal level:0 etc.. Does this mean my adapter is not working? Is there an update or something I need to do to get it to work?

  2. bash: airplay-ng: command not found
    This comes up when I try and kick any device of the network.. And yes I have checked the spelling of it all but it doesn't make a difference because the command isn't found

  3. Hey, so I've been able to get through this entire thing multiple times, yet no word list I've ever tried has come up with the password, they just finish out and say passphrase not in dictionary. I've tried darkcode.lst, rockyou.txt and even a huge word list that took over 4 hours to complete. I was doing it on my own wifi and the passcode is 12345678. Which I feel should be easy enough for most to crack? Any ideas of what I could be doing wrong?

  4. Great video! Have you tried using hashcat with the .cap files. I've been wanting to try it but have had multiple issues with Nvidia drivers. It would be awesome (if you wanted to) to do a hashcat tutorial using a .cap file. Awesome video! Did great at explaining details that I didn't understand from other tutorial videos from other YouTubers!

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