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Persistent & Portable MX Linux on Flash Drive from existing MX Linux

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Source: Make MX Linux persistent and portable on a Flash Drive from existing MX Linux System. A flash drive can be made live MX Linux bootable flash drive using built-in Live USB Maker application on MX Linux system. The settings of this live USB can be tweaked to keep persistent and portable MX Linux on it. You can save files in MX Linux on this Flash Drive, eject it from the host computer and keep it safely with you. The same flash drive with all data can be used on any computer.
Follow the steps:
Step 1: Download MX Linux ISO
Step 2: Create MX Linux Live bootable live USB
Step 3: Boot from MX Linux live USB
Step 4: Make the MX Linux boot option persistent in boot loader
Step 5: Check persistence by creating file on live session and rechecking after reboot

Useful Links used in video:
MX Linux Website:
MX Linux Download Link:

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2 thoughts on “Persistent & Portable MX Linux on Flash Drive from existing MX Linux

  1. I made a persistent usb3 using your instructions (except I chose the semi-auto save option), using a snapshot of my updated and configured MX system. Works great. Thanks!

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