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Petabyte Project is FULL! Time to upgrade…

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That didn’t take long – A whole Petabyte of storage is now completely full, so come along for the ride while we deploy a band-aid solution!

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45 thoughts on “Petabyte Project is FULL! Time to upgrade…

  1. Linus: "Speaking of"…
    Me: "Thanks, SponsorBlock for helping with annoying sponsors!".
    The ones who take the time to report sponsors, THANK YOU! 🙂

    Shh. Don't tell Linus about the Chrome Extension "SponsorBlock"

  2. This is an angry episode of techlinked somekne must have removed some headphone jacks
    Hoprfully it was samsung
    For some reason this was extremly funny for me

  3. So at this point, instead of making your online storage bigger and bigger, wouldn't it make sense to invest in some sort of offline storage? Like a tape system, or something else where you can cost efficiently store super old data that very rarely gets accessed? Archive the oldest raw footage into offline storage and keep a complete, but low resolution archive in online storage so you can quickly preview which old footage may be worth retrieving from offline storage.

  4. fills the new server with more footage about installing said server to record more footage. I think we got a YO DAWG I HEARD YOU LIKED ******* SO I BUILT A ****** INSIDE YOUR ********* SO YOU CAN ******** WHILE YOU ******** moment

  5. Thousands and thousands of dollars worth of equipment in that closet…and a soggy, wrinkly, paper sign that people are writing on saying "server room". I guess I expected a 'real' sign on the door. It just made me laugh.

  6. Hey linus, i am Certified Cloud Architect, i would love to send you a architeture that you can put all that data on AWS, with a small cost and much higher redundancy. i can even do the migration for you!

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