Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

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PHP Programming

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In this video tutorial I’ll teach pretty much the whole PHP programming language in one video. I have received this tutorial request many times lately so I hope you enjoy it. The cheat sheet can be found below the video.

I cover quotes, comments, date(), variables, data types, getting data from HTML, heredoc, constants, arithmetic, shortcuts, reference operators, comparison operators, if, elseif, else, echo, printf, ternary operator, switch, while, for, foreach, arrays, strings, and much more.

33 thoughts on “PHP Programming

  1. Hey thanks for the video again. So I've done this for JavaScript, c++, c# and php. Plus I know a bit of html and CSS. Are there any videos you suggest that can take me past the basics or are these all we need to know? I've yet to know how to apply core into my projects except on my Unity 3D engine. It's that just it? Do I just start learning frameworks now? I'm not sure what to do after I understand how these work.

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