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PHP Tutorial 2020

1 min read

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I devoted 30 hours to make the most complete PHP tutorial that I could make in this video. I cover the core language, set up a database in PHPMyAdmin, show how to validate data, create a complete system for manipulating and displaying database data and so much more. This is basically a 700 page PHP & MySQL book crammed into one 2 hour video.

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25 thoughts on “PHP Tutorial 2020

  1. Table of Contents
    0:00:45 Intro
    0:01:35 Variables
    0:01:55 Data Types
    0:03:56 Inline PHP
    0:04:16 Echo
    0:04:52 Forms
    0:07:00 Checking for Values
    0:07:32 Get Array
    0:08:52 How Many Values Passed
    0:09:14 Math Operators
    0:12:07 Math Functions
    0:13:33 Random Values
    0:15:13 If / Elseif / Else
    0:18:22 Switch
    0:20:35 Range
    0:21:32 Ternary Operator
    0:22:26 Identical Operator
    0:23:20 Printf
    0:24:20 String Functions
    0:29:13 Array Functions
    0:30:04 Foreach
    0:32:55 Multidimensional Array
    0:36:50 While
    0:37:40 For
    0:38:02 Continue
    0:38:34 Break
    0:39:10 Do While
    0:39:58 Functions
    0:42:36 Variable Number of Parameters
    0:43:37 Return Multiple Values
    0:44:44 Map
    0:45:30 Print_R
    0:45:45 Reduce
    0:47:08 Filter
    0:48:20 Dates
    0:50:38 Include Other Files
    0:51:24 Exception Handling
    0:53:18 Filter_Input
    0:59:21 HTMLSpecialChars
    0:59:59 Strip_Tags
    1:00:44 Setup PHPMyAdmin
    1:01:10 Create Database
    1:01:24 Create Table
    1:04:01 Insert Data
    1:04:50 Display Data
    1:07:35 Alter Table
    1:09:08 Rename Table
    1:09:36 Create DB User
    1:11:00 Connect to Database
    1:12:19 PDOStatement Objects
    1:15:00 Pull Data From DB
    1:24:41 Validate Data with Regex
    1:32:24 Insert Data into DB
    1:42:10 Update Data in DB
    1:47:47 Delete Data in DB
    1:49:48 Cookies
    1:52:50 Object Oriented PHP
    1:53:15 Class
    1:55:49 Static
    1:56:30 Object Functions
    1:57:10 Constructor
    1:58:10 Destructor
    1:58:35 Getters / Setters
    2:01:42 Final
    2:02:06 ToString
    2:03:25 Static Methods
    2:06:53 Inheritance
    2:07:20 Overriding Methods
    2:10:16 Interfaces
    2:13:18 Polymorphism
    2:15:11 InstanceOf

  2. `isset($_GET)` will always be true, it's always defined and always an array.
    Using `isset() && !empty()` is redundant, just use `!empty()` because it also checks for `isset()`. In fact, I would suggest avoiding `isset()` for NULL checks on existing variables as it makes it seem like the variable might not be defined when it clearly is.

  3. Nice content! I just got done with my college's final exam, been planning on jogging every day, and doing some other fun stuff, starting by watching this video!

    Oh, and congratz on crossing the 1 million subscribers mark! I just realized that.

  4. Hi Derek. I love your videos and I'm finishing a bootcamp on Ruby on Rails and bootstrap. Could you get back to it? There are a lot of new stuff and it is always good to get new insights from you. Thank you.

  5. Hey derek. Ive been subbed for a while, and watched your videos for longer. I dont know how much money you make off these or if you have a job outside of youtube, but I really appreciate the hard work you do and the pursuit of sharing knowledge.

  6. I swear to God you are somehow connected to my phone's microphone. Years ago I was having problems getting into C# and your video on that subject popped up a day later. This very morning I was like "I should check PHP, let me see what's on YouTube", and there you go, again. Keep listening to my mic I guess.
    You are a gift man. Respect and thank you for everything you do for us lucky to find you.

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