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PHP Tutorial // User Registration w/ SQL 2 [Better]

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a user registration using php and mysql, much better than the other one, also double the length.

source available at

26 thoughts on “PHP Tutorial // User Registration w/ SQL 2 [Better]

  1. The link to the source code and well everything on the neoblob/phpsquad link is missing. Nice tutorial though and the other simpler version was good to do because for beginners at least it's a bit easier to get your head around it all.

  2. Is that a n tag your using at the end of the html lines because it doesn't do anything on mine, it physically writes n where i am assuming it should be some kind of gap (similar to   except larger

  3. Dude I really need your help. I am developing a website and there is a form i want to show only once. Whenever the user send the information I want to stop showing the form even if he /she returns to the same page. How can I tell php to do that? do you know? Also, which php community do you recommend for finding more programmers? thanks

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