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Platform for Scalable Web Apps | How I built my website with Kubernetes

2 min read

I’ve spent months building a platform to support my development of scalable web applications. In this video, I try to share the learning process.

My personal website has a lot behind the scenes that most people cannot interact with. I’ve written up a few microservices and decided to deploy them on kubernetes. Some may say that what I’ve done is overkill – but it really does simplify the workflow once its setup (and I don’t have to rewrite my codebase in the future!)

The end result:
– Kubernetes cluster on digital ocean.. 3 nodes, a load balancer, and persistent volume
– nginx-ingress controller exposes services to the outside world (all other services are internal)

– jwt authentication server (security)
– hangfire background processing server
– MySQL database
– mailer
– front end

There is still a lot of work to be done. While most services are scalable – the database is not. Currently, our database is a single instance. I think someday I will need to deploy a MySQL cluster to support replication, etc. This was a massive topic to cover in a single video so I could not explain everything, my hope is that people can take what they see and research further.

Technologies Used:
– CPU Intensive Backend: C# with ASP .NET Core
– Simple I/O Intensive Backend: Node js
– Database: MySQL
– Scheduler: Hangfire open source background processing library
– Authentication: JWT backed by Dotnet Identity
– Mailing Service: Sendgrid
– Integrations: YouTube, Github
– Deployment: Docker images w/ Kubernetes
– Front end: Next js / React

Hangfire (background processing):
YouTube Descriptions Updater:
Next Video:
Previous Video:


– Video Editing Software (Premiere Pro CC):
– All Adobe Apps (I use this plan):
– Keyboard (Velocifire TKL01) :
– Monitors (Dell U2518D) :
– Webcam (Logitech C920):
– Desk Microphone (Blue Yeti):
– DSLR (Canon T7i):
– Wide Lens (Tokina 11-16mm F2.8):
– Full list of gear:

Puar – GEMS W/ sin

bob le head – gapintheclouds [ep] @ 6:52

dis.joint – knock

A L E X – Easy Track (part of Growing Up, Vol.2)

37 thoughts on “Platform for Scalable Web Apps | How I built my website with Kubernetes

  1. Hey, a quick question.
    Are you mainly run linux as your daily drive and if so why?
    I know few reasons, but I wanna know your outlook on this (the more extensive explanation the better).

    Nice videos keep it up!

  2. Now the hard part is getting straight data replication across the nodes without going into a dedicated NFS server or something similar. I've been looking at using Rook which runs Ceph FS across all worker nodes to replicate pod volumes across all the nodes that need it.

    Very cool project. Hope to get something similar up and running.

    Edit (after seeing thing at 7:50): yep, databases and files servers are the beasts of k8s.

  3. operating system on a box doesn't need all this bullshit….jsut put code on box with webserver and boom it works and database cna be on another bax etc…… sad seeing outsoruing centric tek spraeding liek cancer….tariff offshore programmign back to usa prices deprot all h1 visa and kids and ake back property thats aalll scammed in ilelgal aliens no one agreed to

  4. devops agile and projct managemetn are poorly executed scams and let usless maangers create maegabudet for so so and often shitty apps more I see more I think forth is way to go charles moore is genius

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