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Point you domain to Windows Azure hosting –

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Point you custom domain to your website hosted on windows azure. Step by step instruction for beginners.

To point your custom domain to Microsoft Azure.
1. Go to Dashboard of your Azure Website / Cloud Services & Select Manage Domain.
2. Create an A Record from your DNS control panel ( of your domain registrant godaddy, ixhosting, 1and1 etc) to point to IP address below the “THE IP ADDRESS TO USE WHEN YOU CONFIGURE A RECORDS”
3. Create a CName record for verification . Either either to, or from to .


If you want to point a subdomain you would need to follow the same process of adding subdomain to the cname record.

Eg. to point to azure you need to add.
CNAME to point to | | of provide setp by step instructions to beginners who want to lean ASP .NET .

2 thoughts on “Point you domain to Windows Azure hosting –

  1. Hey if you are impatient to wait till domain propagates. you can test it on your local machine by changing the hosts file C:WindowsSystem32Driversetc  . Just add ip and your domainname. What happens is local host file is searched for ip resolution first so your domain will point to the ip u have specified in the hosts file. 

  2. It is indeed a great help from you. I would like to add my 2 cents here. If you want your website to open with or without www extensions, we need to add both domain formats ( and also in "MANAGE DOMAIN" on Azure Portal, this is how we do when hosting under IIS if you remember. Keep in mind, this will work only when DNS is completely propagated as author discussed in the video.


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