Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

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Programming An Air Guitar!

1 min read

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In this episode we are going to be creating an air guitar using javascript.
We are going to take a look at a library called handtrack.js that will give us the power to use our hands to trigger sounds (it uses machine learning and tenserflow).
Everything else is done in vanilla javascript.

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#javascript #programming

36 thoughts on “Programming An Air Guitar!

  1. Bro, is it possible to make an extension or something else like this?
    In web page find some text ( text given by us) and after that it will find that word and auto click on that word in a particular timing(even time set by us).
    Suppose at 12:00 Pm a sale will start in a web page(any e-commerce website) and to do it all quickly we set in our extension (or code) to find "Buy Now" button at 11:59 Am and submitted then it will start to find "Buy Now" Button in every small second and when it find that button it will automatically click on it(after small interval of time in second after getting that word).
    A small second matters(milli second).

  2. You are the best front-end developer. bBtw, where do you learn, how do you study coding?
    Please give us some learning tips and resources.

    Thanks in advanced 🙂 🙂

  3. 0:50 I always use Phpstorm as my code editor, that's a heavenly experience. Interactive, fast, feature rich, consistent, robust, smart, human friendly, customizable, git visual graph, 3 way merge, hassle free git using GUI, and finally ability to copy over the existing configured config folder to a new machine and done.

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