Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

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Prophecy Alert: "Apocalyptic Harbingers Unleashed"

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23 thoughts on “Prophecy Alert: "Apocalyptic Harbingers Unleashed"

  1. Pastor Begley, I just finished watching your message on Kushner, the blood red water in Iran and the letter a beloved believer sent to you. She is absolutely correct!!! DO NOT EVER EVER CHANGE! You are created in God’s glory and spirit. He has given you special blessings into the end times so do not stop or become nervous about a few Negative Nelly whiners! I too am loud and get excited when I’m talking about things that matter. But your perseverance and continuing love for Jesus is shining a light of truth upon this tired, dejected world! Never stop! Never change. Perhaps the reason several thousand watch your message daily is because we don’t ‘color inside the lines either’! God bless you!!!

  2. Please let's pray for President Donald Trump with these Democrat that are demonic we need to pray for him and that he is covered in the blood of the Lamb because this is the end time and he might be the last president who knows so brothers and sister let's get together and pray for this President amen

  3. BREAKING!! KHEMEIM AIR BASE IN SYRIA STRUCK BY MISSILES AS AN ASSAULT ON MILITANTS WAS UNDERWAY…. this is 2nd such attack in last month… the last one was repelled..not so it seems this time….Russian Air base LATAKIA

  4. Were impeaching because they love Iran and Russia look at the Uranium 1 deal. Now look at hostilities between USA and Iran you tell me why dems want to impeach now. USA hostilities and Russia you tell me it goes back to the politicians getting paid under the table by hostile league nations. They are truely showing their colors.

  5. Listen to Mr. Danny Danon (Amb. for Israel in the UN)  waving the Bible/Torah for the UN during his speech.  That will bring you happiness.


  7. Most people dont know that hurricanes have been weaponized. …. in the Vietnam war the us sprayed silver iodide along with aluminum, boron, barrium, and 19 other metals in the sky, thats called cloudseeding and they used it to flood out the vietcong hiding within tunnels. A hundred years ago in san diego a guy named Charles Hatfield caused 3.5 million dollars of flood damage that killed 6 people on accident. He was commisioned to stop the drought and fill the resaviour. He made a giant teapot tower and boiled all the liquid until it evaporated which had 23 metals in it like aluminum. In todays war they use a type of radio waves with haarp mixed with atmosphere aerosal injection chemtrails to cause any weather they want in any place on earth within days. It devastates the electric grid and takes down a countries defense and first responders worse then an emp bomb while being less expensive and more sneakier then a nuke

  8. The power of the creator in heaven shines through your praises and your worship.
    I love playing along on my guitar with your songs. The apocalypse can come and go and I'll still be a warrior for truth and love.
    God is good, just and full of love for those who walk with him. For he knows the thoughts he has towards us, thoughts of good.

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