Sun. Dec 8th, 2019

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Prophet Bushiri Dying in December | Did Bushiri Apologize? Passion Java

12 thoughts on “Prophet Bushiri Dying in December | Did Bushiri Apologize? Passion Java

  1. Pastor Ran. Good to see you again. I for myself do not believe what Prophet Java said about getting a call with an apology. This looks to me like a tactic to get people off his back after that prophecy he gave about the death of Prophet Bushiri

  2. Why is he acting imaturely? Does he need to tell the world that a brother apologized? Jesus Christ! God give long, long life to the Prophet & a peaceful December this night

  3. I think only thing is to pray for the body of christ,,,we should love and pray for one another regardless of the different denominations…we all will go to one heaven…saints let's bear the mark of christ…he died once and for all…its all about serving God…

  4. Anything that is bulid on Christ the rock shall stand these so called ministry bulid on man will be shaken. You get excited when these so called prophets says other people will die but when it comes to you own you have double standards.

  5. 're yu sure abt that? Why ar yu working on assumptions, dnt yu think assumption generate nd degenerate confusion in the body of Christ? So Bushiri cn not apologize? So Passion looks so small to yu? Do yu look up to prophet Bushiri in the prophetic body? B honest in yo answers prophet pastor!!

  6. Let love december is a bad month for ecg last year it ws smthng else this year its now about death mmmmm i dnt knw bt its hard to be Prophet Bushiri..Mama Mary was poisoned & she almost died december last year..they burnt tyres at the church last year december..People died at the church last year december…He was arrested at the begining of january this year..and now its death prophecy on social media when he is saying will be at fnb stadium…..
    If Major 1 asked for forgiveness i applaud in Jesus name..All this has disturbed my spirit and i know there are many christians who are like me and my greatest wish is for all this to be over
    May the God of ISRAEL protect him and his family Amen

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