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PWA's on Linux – Outlook Progressive Web App

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In this video I cover Outlook.Com (Progressive Web App) running on my Linux Desktop.
PWAs, are essentially still websites, but they have better caching, notification features, and background functions to make them seem more like traditional apps. Microsoft has been adopting PWAs for Windows apps since around 2018, and Outlook is a sign that we may see similar apps for other Microsoft products like Office 365.

11 thoughts on “PWA's on Linux – Outlook Progressive Web App

  1. PWAs are supported in all major browsers (to be accurare, PWA is actually a name for web apps design that is built on a stack of features, which most browsers implemented). Therefore it's not limited to chrome. Additionally, note that it's not really installing anything in the traditional definition of installing. The only thing that really gets installed is rather small process that runs in the browser (called service worker), all the rest is just a JavaScript app like any other.

  2. Interesting video. I will have to try it. I am a Firefox user but have an old chrome book with Gallium OS that seems to be optimized for Chromium to try it on. Love your videos.

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