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Question: Is Linux a Bad Desktop Operating System?

2 min read

I just watched the last “Windows 10 keynote” and it seems a very good os.
I have to be honest I’ve never used Linux but while I was watching the keynote I thought that, at least until now, it’s absurd using an os like Linux as a desktop os while there are products like Microsoft Windows or Apple Os X on the market.
Linux is a beast as server os and this is undeniable but in my opinion absolutely inferior than Os X or Windows as desktop os.
I think that a common user use Linux only for etic reasons and not because it is a superior product; they hate people like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates because of their money and their success and then in order not to bring further gains to Apple or Microsoft they decide to stay with Linux.
I have a Samsung tablet and an LG smartphone with Android and I have to admit that is a pretty good os for that devices but I wouldn’t ever use Android or Chrome OS for my pc specially in a work environment or for gaming.
What do you think about it? Am I wrong?

-Daniele G.

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44 thoughts on “Question: Is Linux a Bad Desktop Operating System?

  1. Daniel G. asks the obviously most stupid question out there, rants his opinion (selling it as the answer) and in the process makes an ass out of himself.
    Windows (after version 2000)* sucks… Do I need to explain that any further ?
    * that is windhose 2000 and windhose 98 were OK, not very good but doable. The rest of the windhose versions suffer from sucking ranging from big time to very large degrees.
    As a contrast Linux Mint (or any other Ubuntu based OS you are able to get used to) is great. Even Firefox behaves relatively oke, not having the being bogged down problems it has under windhose…
    If you need (read are too ridged to make a change in your life) to use a particular winhose program because you feel there is no alternative in Linux, either use Wine or just stay on windhose but whatever you do: DON'T ASK STUPID QUESTIONS WHICH ANSWERS ARE FLIPPING OBVIOUS MATE….

    I have the impression changing to Linux suffers from the same apologetic problems then changing to a vegetarian lifestyle faces: for some fracked up reason Linux should be bench marked and compared to windhose functionality, compatibility, look and feel which it shouldn't.
    Same as changing to vegetarianism: you don't change over to a veggy lifestyle and start searching for meat substitute foodstuffs (you looking, feeling and tasting like meat), that would be silly if not rather stupid.

  2. You could also mention that linux and apple are more worthless than a atari 2600 or espically a commadore 64 when it comes to video games . Kind of a deal killer unless your just facebooking and youtubeing? Then an old dell lattitude laptop with win vista to 8.1 or ubuntu is a really cheap way to go. You can even hook it to a 1080 hd tv and have a killer set up for cheap as chips

  3. Why did Canonical buy Ubuntu and IBM just buy Red Hat if there isn't a significant shift towards Linux. Linux is a significant part of the internet and contrary to common opinion stable, fast and flexible. Windows, OSX and Linux all have the same roots, they all started as ports from Unix. To believe Windows is superior with no experience of Linux is just childish. Having an opinion without a basis is just ridiculous. You can't say you prefer one over the other if you haven't experienced both. No one will take you seriously.

  4. Here is the MAIN reason why you might want to run LINUX. Let imagine that you really like the safety, security, and stability of a MacOS computer, but you want it to look and feel a bit more like a Windows XP type of computer; well then, Linux MINT is for you ! Lets say that you like the security and virus-proof nature of using a Chromebook, but you want to use FireFox; well then, Linux MINT is exactly what you are looking for.

  5. @5:12 It is relatively user friendly. It depends on what you want to cope with and which distro you use. Windows is an unified experience with a higher level of userfriendliness in general.

  6. I love Linux Mint. However, I like games, and any way you cut it, Linux is a LOUSY gaming platform.
    I don't care for WinX. It's too hard on my SSD's, due to update policy. I don't want Microsoft collecting my data either.
    I don't like Windows 8 and Windows 7 is getting old.

    My solution?
    There is a hidden gem in here somewhere, that with a little work, is the best O/S Microsoft ever released.

    Windows 8.1, paired with a 3rd party start menu. I use Classic Shell. Why?

    With a 3rd party shell, Win8.1 works almost exactly as Win7 does.
    You can control telemetry.
    It's far better for a SSD.
    YOU control updates.
    Far fewer driver problems than Win7, OR WinX
    If you don't like the Metro interface, and don't want to use a 3rd party start menu, you can bypass the Metro start up, and go right to the desktop.
    Win8.1 updates, don't crash your system like WinX sometimes does.
    Win8.1 works better with WiFi than WinX on a lot of machines.

    Win8.1 and Classic Shell FTW!

  7. To be honest, Windows is just as good or better for content creation as Mac… Adobe software is for Windows as well. Difference is, on Windows you can build a desktop workstation yourself and choose your components for what you want to do with it, with Mac you can't. Enterprise world, productivity and gaming Windows wins on my opinion easily. Mac isn't bad, but more limited… And Linux is probably best environment for lots of developers. Although these days you can run Ubuntu bash natively on Windows 10.

  8. You can game on Linux and run most windows files even older files that no longer work with newer versions of windows … with wine and play on linux

  9. I really enjoyed this video because you're talkin' very neutral about the operating systems. I'm gettin' tired about those black/white argumenting people who think the one and only OS is the one they got branded on their mind.

  10. In 2018 there are very few apps that anyone uses that aren't natively compatible with Linux.

    I'm a self employed IT Pro services provider and Linux is my daily driver. I'm writing this from Linux Mint 18.3 Sylvia LTS.

  11. Lol Final Cut Pro… talking like you do some crazy Hollywood Sifi movi editing… You could ur videos easly do with Windows Movie Maker from Windows XP.

  12. Linux is stable? It is fcking buggy. Mouse does not work, pc freezes, reboots on its own and it gets worst as you install more apps and start messing with it. It is sooo bad you need a community to help you lol There is a reason why Linux is not popular. If it was truly stable everyone would jump on it. It is a very flawed system. I don’t know why guys like this keep saying it is good. That is very misleading.

  13. Windows Subsystem Linux now allows you to natively run Linux distributions on Windows.
    It's not perfect but it's pretty awesome for those who want to learn Linux since you don't have to dual boot or use a clunky virtual machine.

    The windows store currently has Ubuntu, Debian, and Kali Linux.

  14. linux is painful for games- especially when you want to install games. the up is many none g.e windows apps like art programs run faster and better in wine than windows and feel less like rape bate on the internet. if you have a free machine its a no brainer way of getting use out of it without buying an os but unless your playing games made in blender….

  15. Linux (distro ubuntu) when you use to install some crap on it Operating system will die, so beware that windows it keep running with all software. Yes Linux died couple times on my cumputer, so keep in mind that admin root rights to install only known.

  16. Linux user friendly ? Why they dont have double click installation function and need to write a book to install a simple program or to adjust display?

  17. I worked for a Fortune 500 company that had been operating a Unix/Linux based systems at an Enterprise level all over the country for over 20 years and it was rock hard stable. The company instituted a project to rewrite into Windows and it turned into a major dog of a system and the company took a $97 Million bath, in addition to the millions in customer refunds for their purchasing the early versions. The project confirmed to me what I had been told by a former business partner and expert network programmer, that Windows was a "cludge". This same programmer designed and implemented the entire network system for several governmental agencies in California when he was 17 years old.

  18. When updating linux you do not need to reboot.Linux have very very very cool features: You can take the output of one program and give it as input to another.Linux have good graphical user interface and its desktop is even more customizable in linux than in windows!

  19. It's not a point of a good or poor operating system. Microsoft has had a monopoly on PC operating systems since the 1980s. People don't get Windows on their new PC by choice, not a real choice. For instance if you need a new pluming fixture and all the hardware stores offered was Moen? But in the backroom there's other brands they don't bother telling you about. You'd call that a monopoly. What is better or worse is irrelevant when the market is controlled by monopoly.

  20. I've had linux boxes never rebooting unless I wanted to upgrade the kernel! There are plenty of Linux industry grade distributions as well. Linux is a true multi user platform with its architectural design after Unix. The only reason to reboot a Linux box is to upgrade the kernel. As for servers, over 80% of all the servers making up the web are. Linux Apache servers and for the simple reason they don't need to be taken off line except to upgrade a kernel. They are the most stable, reliable platforms that exists. It's open source, community supported making it advance and advanced over proprietary platforms you have to agree in contracts to use, yes that's right you don't own the operating systems of Apple or Microsoft, you pay to have the limited rights to only use them! And because they are proprietary they are designed with engineering obsolescence bolt in so you have to upgrade to the next distribution and pay not only for the use but all the programs built to run on them! Take Microsoft's Office as an example, you can pay $600 plus for limited rights for that program but with open source you can acquire a copy of OpenOffice and its source code for free and freely modify in any way you wish to improve it for your personal specific needs if you are inclined to or share, trade or sell it as long as you include the original source code along with it. And by the way its ported to Windows and Apple platforms if you don't want to pay obnoxious prices for an inferior product like Office!
    All Linux distributions or distros as we call them are built by the people for the people of the planet with differences to fit anyone's specific needs and any proprietary software you have to pay for has an open source equal for Linux and most are better designed and built than the proprietary for pay programs I might add.
    This open source concept allows programers all over the world to freely develop the software so it happens faster and being peer reviewed is most often better than any Microsoft software that's limited by much smaller groups of engineers and developers employed by Microsoft. This is a huge advantage over proprietary software and comes into exsistance from a verry different mindset, one that's about us as a global family as aposed to one that's done for profitability not humanity!
    Please consider Linux, it can be run from a live CD on your Windows computer without altering it in any way. Its used for people to try without Haveing to install Linux to see how they like it and can be run from a thumb drive as well so you can use it on a public computer and not have to be concerned about leaving anything personal behind on the hardware. Its come a long way from the old days of shell prompts and Haveing to know how to code, now it's almost seamless to move over to from Windows and because of its different architectural design its faster on any hardware and smaller in size than the bloated proprietary OS's you pay to play for. Its the OS that runs your Android phone used by Google as an enterprise system. Apple used to use PowerPC processors and a version of Unix as its hardware architecture and OS, they then sold out and went with Intel's x86 processor changing its whole architecture to use it this also forced major changes in its operating system so don't be fooled , its not what it was intended by its creators to be anymore. Linux will run on any processors and run faster than the proprietary OS's sold on them. You can get the best Proformance from Linux because the kernels are optimized for each one old or new I personally build my own optimised kernels with a Linux tool for each computer I own so its doing only what it needs to do and is tiny wasting nothing in power. It maximizes the specific processors potential and the attached hardware and nothing else. Windows does one size fits all and you can't do anything to change it but with Linux you can do every and anything you want, even build your own distribution built on a Linux kernel! Now that's free and its freedom in one!!! Beat that ( :
    Linux comes with all the security high and you have control to do what you like unlike Windows that is insecure in default and you have to add security! Does this give you a clue?
    Read about some different distros and try a live CD on your Box and give it a ride. Its a bit different so be patient its worth it. Also there's a distro that has a graphic interface that's the same as Windows if your that attached. I recommend a distro designed for your skill set and needs. Imagine never Haveing to reboot to install software again!
    All this should tell you quite a bit about linuxe's value! Say goodbye to proprietary engineered platforms with closed code and backdoors and try a Linux OS. No more BLUE SCREENS OF DEATH LOL!

  21. Bullshit!! Linux is great, never fails and is fast! You can use a million different desktops on Linux. Been using linux on all my servers! And stations never have issues!!

  22. You don't really have a choice, if you don't want to be spied upon, and have your identity turned into a commodity.
    Learn Linux. It's not that hard to be a competent user.

  23. Too bad you can't go to Linux Mint 18.3, I have it as my sole OS on the, My Video Editing Beast. I use Kino and Kdenlive for Video Editing. I use Libre Office, which is every bit as good as Windows Office.

  24. I liked this video. The speaker made many reasonable and relevant observations. The OS flame wars in 2017 are pointless. People like what they like, and as long as there is more than one choice, everyone will have reasons why they think their choice is the superior one. That being said, to be honest, one need only read the writing on the wall to recognize where computing is heading. And that writing on the wall is coincidentally expressed accurately in this video at 7:23.

    The entire world is moving toward Linux as a practical consideration, and developers will follow suit as the numbers change. Thus the one legitimate objection to Linux for most users will be eliminated. As of 2017, Linux runs 90% of the cloud servers, 82% of all smart phones, 62% of all embedded devices, and 99% of all supercomputers. Not bad for a hobby project by a Finnish student who didn't want to pay for a proprietary operating system.

    For the stubborn and unconvinced, search "GNU/Linux Distribution Timeline" and take a close look at the chart, and think about how much effort is being expended to make "that free operating system" the best one on planet earth. That effort has included 15,647 developers and over 1400 companies for the kernel alone since 2005. That doesn't even include the thousands of individuals working on the individual distribution portion.

    So yeah… Apple was king in 1984, Microsoft was king in 1981 and 1995, and that's about it. Both OSes are eventually doomed to legacy status, especially since both companies have known where things are heading and have invested heavily in gadgets instead.

  25. I use linux to develop in Python, C++ and occasionally Javascript, I find it easier and less of a burden to use Linux for that purpose instead of windows. I occasionally use windows to develop in C#, I find it heavy and unpredictable(probably because I'm not very familiar with windows anymore)

  26. Windows is super gay and MacOs is stupid. QED

    But I have to add: esoteric reasons are academics who specialize in operating systems or need the find the 2 millionth mersenne prime not people who have an aversion to appearing apart of the popular crowd by using mac.

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