Wed. Dec 25th, 2019

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r/JustNeckbeardThings – Santa Studies The Blade! (Neckbeard Things – Best Reddit Posts)

1 min read

Welcome to r/JustNeckbeardThings part 28, where Santa Claus has studied the blade and is wielding dual Katanas, so I hope you have been nice this year! We also have a neckbeard who defends liking little girls and the Neckbeard Stories return!

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Music Credits:
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28 thoughts on “r/JustNeckbeardThings – Santa Studies The Blade! (Neckbeard Things – Best Reddit Posts)

  1. You better watch out, because Santa Claus is in town… and this time he has studied the blade!
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  2. 10:42 so many dumb kids trying to be trendy throwing the term 'boomer' around without knowing what it means and using it wrong. (This one even says they just wanted to be cool.)

    I get that boomer is a state of mind as much as a certain age but that guy shows nothing boomery about him in the information provided.

  3. I can't seem to find the 2nd post (The one by nbmeister) on the subreddit… Can someone send me a link or something ? I absolutely need to upvote it lol

  4. Too be fair.. with pedophilia…its a REAL mental illness and there is no cure. As long as they get help and dont do anything I have zero issue with them. Just like I like women but just because I'm attracted to someone doesnt mean I'll force myself on them. Anyone who ttouches a child is disgusting.. but people who say ANYONE who has this mental illness should die etc is also disgusting. The person defending it is an idiot..but yeah it's a real mental illness

  5. I had a neckbeard trying to make me his waifu for a year straight . I didn’t know there was a category for people like that back then . I thought he was a species of his own.
    Vaggelis if you are reading this use some deodorant
    sincerely- an angel

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