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Raspberry Pi, System76 Firmware Tool, OBS, IBM Open-Source POWER, EVERSPACE – Destination Linux 136

1 min read – Hosted by Zeb, Michael, Ryan & Eric

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Topics covered in this episode:

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Raspberry Pi Now Runs Scratch 3
System76 Launches GUI Firmware Updater
OBS Studio 24 Release Candidate Features
IBM Announces New Contributions To Open Source
Mozilla & Google Protect Users
EVERSPACE 2 Coming To Linux

Software Spotlight:

Tips & Tricks:
Use the command ‘script’ to record the steps you’re taking in shell screen.

9 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi, System76 Firmware Tool, OBS, IBM Open-Source POWER, EVERSPACE – Destination Linux 136

  1. Sorry guys I will stay with Xubuntu, I have tried Debian and Arch and they just dont cut with me. I dont want to know all of the nuts and bolts, I want to use my computer.

  2. That dude in the bottom right corner on a BDLL stream called Chris Titus Tech something along the lines of "toxic and bad for the community" Hiding in in a "look up this phrase…. and the first result is a youtuber that embodies everything wrong with the linux community"
    Nobody even stood up for Chris on that stream, probably to avoid conflict, but some even nodded.

    Not that anyone cares, and infact this will probably be an unpopular opinion: I unsubscribed as soon as I saw him. What does he have against other youtubers? Can we get a clarification of why Chris is toxic? Is he not allowed in your special club?

  3. With regard to adding key bindings with a third key following the shortcut. This seems to me to be the same issue that has traditionally been associated with "dead keys" to use foreign characters. This capability has been around for a long time.

  4. i3 binding modes are pretty bad. If you have a syntax error they can completely break stuff, and the i3 config becomes a mess really quickly, also the i3 config file is not nearly as powerful as a .vimrc would be. I recommend sxhkd because it has key chains which are similar to vim, and it has a good syntax, it has it's config file and a very good syntax which will help you have all your key mappings in order.

  5. Another great Destination Linux from some of the greatest guys in the Linux community i am no tech minded person but now and again i pick something up which helps me in my Linux world

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