Tue. Dec 10th, 2019

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Real Tricks For Real DJs | 2hr Workshop

2 min read

Legendary Chicago DJ Terry Hunter & Swedish DJ Mad Mats join me in an in depth workshop focussing on DJing techniques and philosophy behind the art of playing records. This workshop took place in Spain during the Vocal Booth Weekender festival where I also preform as Sunlightsquare: https://www.vocalboothweekender.com/

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24 thoughts on “Real Tricks For Real DJs | 2hr Workshop

  1. Be comfortable. Knobs are easier, for me, but I can adapt to different methods. I really appreciate the wealth of knowledge, and demonstration that was shared here. I have been picking up more vinyl, recently, but also CD's.
    Thank you, for this video.

  2. 27:50 this is so true! I have been working as a producer/engineer for years and only now am I starting to DJ parties but the production skills are improving so much because of DJ'ing!

    Don't hesitate to step outside the studio and start playing parties

  3. Great video and chat. Lots of value here. Question about the recording device. Does it automatically change it's settings when someone from the back is talking? Pretty neat if so. What's that feature?

  4. Very cool debate all round
    I would just like to add few points , some might agree or not here !
    You mention EZ ??? Dj EZ is incredible at mixing , but he's able to bring this to cdj nexus because he has solid basics of mixing on Technics turntables with only the DJ pitch by ear ! Your never see EZ move a platter like many on nexus players , it's all pitch control ! It's a talent !!!
    That's why those who skip these basics to be DJ's today can fall short if they don't have cdj nexus or they fail at an event !!! It's important to have that plan B , they might have only a cdj 850 with no sync or quantise !!! What's DJ gonna do then !!! Moan ??? Or say he can't DJ ???
    So I would say basic turntable skills are essential and you shouldn't always rely on a sync button or waveforms .
    It has its plus movements of course but it also does make a dj's mixing sound computer ( no edge) you can instantly tell if a DJ has sync on by the way it sounds , I can anyways , maybe because I'm original vinyl DJ

  5. YES! Claudio, I have never heard such a clear explanation of what is important in mixing music. I worked large dance clubs in the late 80's and early 90's, all vinyl and manual beat-matching. Having a background in classical music and music theory, meant that I understood what keys would work with what, how you could mix tracks in key or in harmony, without grating dissonance. Even back then, I used a Yamaha drum machine and a Mirage sampler to help transition between songs that might not otherwise work together. I thought I was just having fun with my synths at the time, and getting to play stuff live, but apparently that was a glimpse of what was to come in the world of the club DJ.

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