Sat. Dec 7th, 2019

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Relaxing In the Rain

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#Rain #Nature

46 thoughts on “Relaxing In the Rain

  1. I love coming off of an overnight shift, sitting on the porch with a cup of coffee and just listening to the rain hit the roof. People need to get out in nature more. it's good for the soul.

  2. Local satanist seen prowling the woods mumbling about political theory and racism. Parents are advised to keep their children indoors for fear of becoming gardeners.

  3. I used to listen on Apples Podcast, but the Styx’s episodes have been unplayable the last couple of week. I tried removing it from my library and resubscribing, only now you can’t find Styx at all. Did Apple boot him or did he leave voluntarily? Anybody know?

    FYI, I have the same difficulty w/ Sargon and Black Pigeon Speaks.

  4. ⭐ Should do a comentary on Transhumanism and Elon Musks Neural Link Device…Id love to hear your thoughts on where this is all heading and wheather or not you support it….there is a Transhumanism Party/ Candidate running in the next Election I believe

  5. Nice a virtual walk in the woods is better than the real thing especially because when you are actually the one you are are the target of the insectoid blood suckers!

  6. "Today in the Vermont wilderness the creature known as 'Big Cock' was spotted. The witness described the creature as measuring in at a whopping 10.2 inches and filming on his phone…"

  7. Alright everyone it's time to talk about taking a nice peaceful walk through the woods and contemplating Trump's 4D chess mastery

  8. I love nature when I was 9 my parents moved me from the city to the country but after I got there I realized how beautiful nature is and how beautiful life can be if you purge all the hate and negativity from your life. it really can be quite beautiful I love your channel by the way.

  9. "Far Right Fascist goes on stroll through woods recording his journey of trees that fell because Donald Trump hates the environment. " – How VOX Media will label this video.

  10. This vid makes me think back of Varg riding around in his commie car.
    Man, why does YouTube have to be so dumb. Varg was fun.

    Also I have the luck of living right next to the only forest in my country so these kind of trips will become more frequent.

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