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Replace Windows 7 with Linux (Full install instructions)

1 min read

Complete beginners guide to replacing Windows 7 with Linux.
In this video I show how to install Linux Lite using a USB key.
1. Change Bios settings to boot from USB.
2. Download and install LiLi (LinuxLiveusb Creator )
3. Download Linux Lite.
4. Download winmd5
5. Check Linux Lite ISO integrity.
6. Make live USB using LiLi
7. Boot into Live Linux Lite.
8. Install Linux Lite to replace Windows. DO NOT ENCRYPT HOME FOLDER WHILE INSTALLING.
9. Update the system
10 Change Desktop wallpaper.
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26 thoughts on “Replace Windows 7 with Linux (Full install instructions)

  1. does Linux work ongside google with no problem. As windows interferes almost every time I use google, I give up with them. I fail to see why they dont try to help me to use my lap top instead of interfering. why cant they work with google instead of against them. I might feel happier to try otherwindows programs. instead of deleting them.

  2. Figured I'd try to revive my 13 yo Dell PC for kicks. I was able to replace Windows XP with Linux Mint and it actually runs pretty smoothly! Thanks for this tutorial!

  3. I replaced my windows 10 with Ubuntu successfully through a bootable usb . Now my question is is there any way I can get back to my windows ? If yes then how can I completely delete my windows and all the files in it cuz I don't want it back. I want it gone forever .

  4. As usual, everyone seems to be understanding everything except me, who understands just a little above nothing.

    At first, I was very happy because I have an HP and I thought I might be able to make sense of one of these videos supposedly made for beginners. My hopes were soon dashed.

    But, on the bright side, congratulations! You got me through 55 seconds before the wheels fell off. At 0:55, you said: "Use the down arrow to select USB." But, on the screen shot there were three things that started with "USB." Which of these should be selected? And then what exactly am I supposed to do with the F5 and F6 keys? Do they rearrange the list and move one of the USB thingies to the top of the list?

    Next, you said you were going to use the Linux Live Creator. Is that like the "Etcher" thing I have heard about in many of the other videos? Instead of going through the next 6 minutes or so of stuff (little of which I could follow. Did you start going with one thing and then change to another thing [Torrent… aptly named]?), can I just buy it here? I have been watching videos and reading articles for three weeks now, trying to get a grip on all this, to no avail. At this point plunking down $20 to get that thing in working condition seems like a good deal.

    The actual installation of the LinuxLite OS that followed seemed pretty easy. Now, I of course will be putting in LinuxLite 4.4 (or the one that comes out in the fall since I have until 1/14/20, when Windows 7 implodes, to get this done.) Will that be similarly as easy?

    And, at the end, do I just remove the USB thingie and keep it in case I have to reinstall it? If so, is there something I have to do so I get that message that says it's safe to remove it? After it's all in, do I have to go back and reconfigure the BIOS to a different order not involving the USB?

    And that, my friends, is how a real beginner things. I have been a math teacher for close to 30 years and I have learned one thing very well from my students: When you are trying to teach someone something, assume nothing.

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