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Review – Linux Mint 17 "Qiana" (Cinnamon and MATE)

1 min read

Here’s my review of Linux Mint 17 “Qiana”. In this review, I cover the Cinnamon edition with a brief look at MATE near the end of the video. Also, feel free to check out my Mint book, which was released last week:

Linux Mint 17 release announcement and download links:

34 thoughts on “Review – Linux Mint 17 "Qiana" (Cinnamon and MATE)

  1. Thanks! That was a great review. I think I'll go with the MATE desktop environment. I had been holding off on MATE for a while because I keep hearing that it's for the "old fashioned" people, and I don't consider myself old fashioned, but I just want the desktop environment to be as stable, and as configurable as possible. Then I can install a bunch of KDE apps, and if they crash, who cares, just relaunch it.

  2. Really nice review +Jay LaCroix . 

    I am using Ubuntu 14.04 , but now I want to use Linux Mint 17 . I was confused about the desktop interface and whether it will please me or not . I am glad to see that Linux Mint seems like a  really cool DE. 

    Can you tell me a couple of things ?? 

    1. Is it possible to install Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon and also the Mate Desktop Environment ??
    2. Can I install the MATE launcher on Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon edition??
    3. Since I am new to Linux (Well actually I am using it from Ubuntu 12.04 so not a complete noob 😀 ) I want to know whether the applications that get released for Ubuntu will get installed on Linux Mint or not . As you know, most of the new and cool applications target Ubuntu first. 

    Thank You . 

  3. How do i get the wifi to work i type in different codes in terminal and i get something like not found HELLLP ME i do have it wired directly to modem and it works well just doesn't let me search for wireless networks DELL D610 pretty old laptop but we are running the same one at my job with same Linux Mint 17 qiana and works perfect!

  4. I have problems installing this on my emachines desktop alongside win 7. I have 2gb of ram. I have had this same issue with trying to install Ubuntu 14.04 as well. At some random point during the copying files process, my computer locks up and the screen becomes all fuzzy. Looks blocky or pixelated. Hard to explain it. I am installing the 64 bit version. I have tried the 32 bit version and it doesn't work either. Whenever this happens, I have to boot from my win 7 USB and fix the MBR and start over. Either there is something wrong with my graphics card or the download file. But I have no way of knowing.

  5. I love Linux mint.  I first used Ubuntu but hated it especially that launcher that sat on the left of the screen which gave me no option to move it.  Mint is great, had it 3 weeks now and although I still have to use Windows for my Adobe stuff I tend to use Mint more for internet.

  6. When trolling through sites and vids looking for information on various linux distros I found most >85% of them to be utter rubbish. The tube vids are most often just here is what is in the menu point and click.

    Seriously how about some actual information!

    Like what are the 3 unique things about this distro?
    What are the 3 things you like about it?
    What are 3 things you dislike?

    Perhaps some actual information like – –
    Samba is not set up and ready to go (most XFCE distros)l, or Samba is set up and ready to go? (network shares with windows and printers)
    Does or doesn't have multi monitor desktop wallpaper and screen saver support out of the box?
    Does or doesn't easily allow you to specify a 2ndary hard drive location for wallpaper or desktop selection with the default aps?
    Has easy drag and drop or add remove menu editing(Cinnamon/Mate) or need to edit scripts/files to change menu items(crunchbang)?
    Makes use of "Ram disks" for faster program access?
    Slow vs fast start menu access?
    Prioritizes open software over software that makes use of proprietary things?
    Prioritizes privacy in it's internet connections and settings?
    The spell check as you type is properly activated and has a dictionary installed?
    Allows proprietary drivers?

  7. is the only way to update from 16 to 17 a clean install?  
    How long can we stick with 16 before being forced to make the move to 17?  I don't really want to have to reinstall all my stuff again I just installed LM 16 on my old laptop last week and only a few days ago got it working the way I liked.  I had no idea the new version would come out so soon.

  8. Hi, Thanks very much for the well-presented review … however, you have one flaw in it, and that is the kernel issue you are trying to discuss. As this is based on ubuntu, Mark Shuttleworth himself, about an year ago, commented that every 14.04 milestone, such as 14.04.1, 14.04.2, etc … will introduce a more contemporary Kernel … also main Ubuntu repositories are still linked to Update Manager, which comes to say that with any consecutive update, the kernel will be updated too.
    Maybe you have missed this detail, but we are not perfect after all.

  9. I like the look and feel of the Cinnamon edition. I'm a visual person, so I prefer GUI's with all the whistles and bells. Regarding Applets, there is a “Get More On-line” button that will retrieve another 160+. Clementine is my preferred music player.

  10. Regarding your thoughts on LTS, I agree.  I really do think that the future of Mint is with their Debian Edition but unfortunately it very rarely gets updated.  

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