Sat. Jan 18th, 2020

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RHCSA 8 Complete Course in Single Video | Linux Certification | Tech Arkit | Must Do Certification

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In this video session explained all the skills required for RHCSA 8 Certification in detailed. Look at below description to video timeline and topics covered. RHCSA 8 Complete course in single video.

17:29 Introduction to Linux
23:40 Linux Lab Setup (RHEL 8 Installation)
31:58 Accessing Linux Server GUI & CLI
40:59 Getting Started with Linux Basic Commands
54:56 Few More Linux Basic commands
01:30:20 Standard Input, Output and Error redirection
01:44:55 Grep Command with regular expressions
02:01:18 tar & zip commands to Archive and compress, File & directories
02:22:47 vi Editor Modes Explained
02:34:13 vi Editor Practical
02:46:49 Getting help from Command Line User Interface
03:03:35 SSH Server & Client Installation and configuration
03:29:14 Reset Linux root user password (Gain Access to system)
03:35:45 SCP – Transfer Data from one server to another server securely
03:45:59 Listing and Managing Linux processes
04:12:10 Creating standard Linux partitions
04:31:09 Deleting standard Linux partitions
04:35:11 Creating PVs, VGs and LVM
04:52:45 Extend Logical Volumes non-destructively
05:03:36 Reduce LVM size – lvreduce
05:09:18 Swap Memory Explained
05:21:31 Creating Users and Groups
05:44:46 Modify user properties | Password age
05:57:39 Deleting users and groups
06:09:21 Files & directory permissions
06:32:36 Access control list – ACL
06:49:41 Special Linux file permissions Set-GID, Set-UID, Sticky Bit
07:29:58 Sudo access – sudoers policy
07:54:29 Linux Networking | Assign Static IP
08:39:35 Firewall Rules | firewalld | Firewall-cmd
09:00:23 SELinux to enforcing policies
09:27:00 YUM Repository | AppStream | BaseOS

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18 thoughts on “RHCSA 8 Complete Course in Single Video | Linux Certification | Tech Arkit | Must Do Certification

  1. Hi Ankit, we need your suggestion , If we follow these video & practise them thoroughly , Will we be able to achieve RHCSA Certification.
    Thank you , yours work is really helping the community

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