Sun. Jan 5th, 2020

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RHCSA 8 – nftables compared with iptables / ip6tables

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Using nftables in Cent)S 8 means that rules can be defined once for both IPv4 and IPv6 Rules. This can be highlighted by creating an over simplified firewall …

1 thought on “RHCSA 8 – nftables compared with iptables / ip6tables

  1. I've just migrated my workstation firewall from IPtables to NFtables and nftables is far superior 🙂 It's a shame some projects like libvirt, docker etc haven't implemented support yet. I managed to disable iptables for docker and write my own rules based on their default IPtables ruleset but Libvirt won't allow me to use nat networking without IPtables 🙁 If anyone knows how to do this, hook me up.

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